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How to Choose the Best Product for Hair Regrowth

     Which is the best product ? Not necessarily the best advertised or the best known. The best product for hair regrowth will depend on you, the cause of your thinning hair, what you decide to do about it and it may also depend upon your age and sex.

Causes vary from a temporary problem caused by taking a particular drug or coming off the birth control pill or may be the end of pregnancy. Other associated conditions can be more serious, such as diabetes, an auto immune condition or hypothyroidism. Most people though have androgenetic alopecia which is a fancy way of saying that your baldness, whether male or female is inherited. So you see the matter is a complex one and if you are at all unsure of the cause of your hair loss you should consult your general practitioner in the first instance. He may be able to reassure you, prescribe treatment or refer you to a specialist dermatologist or endocrinologist depending upon the cause.

Treatments vary even more than causes. You may just decide to disguise your loss with a spray that thickens the hair you have or colours the scalp so that it is less obvious. You may go for a toupee or wig. Then there are herbal treatments available such as saw palmetto, a food supplement which seems to work for many people. There are of course surgical answers with hair transplants, but this choice needs careful consideration both because of the expense involved and because of the risk (relatively small) of infection and scarring.

Then there are drugs such as Minoxidil (approved by the F.D.A.) which is available under several different names such as Rogaine and Regaine and which comes in male and female versions and in different strengths. Some 26% of younger men and 20% of younger women reported moderate regrowth after 4 months, with the peak of growth
after a year. It seems that it works best on top of the scalp rather than with loss at the temples. Like many other drug treatments if you stop taking it you will soon be back to square one. Some people find that it makes their scalp itch and overdosage may result in more serious conditions developing such as very low blood pressure and chest pain.

Finesteride is another well publicized treatment, in this case only being considered safe for men. Again it is available under several names. It takes about 3 months before there is any noticeable effect. Its side effects need to be looked into as some of these may be long lasting, even if you stop taking the drug.

So you will realise that there are a lot of factors to be balanced before you find the best best product for hair regrowth for you. Which ever treatment you choose, patience is a virtue that you will need as hair only grows at best about inch per month.

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