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How to choose the fingerprint lock

      Optional Fingerprint Standard
Standard 1: Is there a ANSI certified
2005 Fingerprint really introduced to China from the United States. Was the first U.S. high-end fingerprint lock brands and Fortune 500 companies Gill Ingersoll Rand led a high-end fingerprint lock market. Therefore, the general quality and reliable fingerprint lock, must be the highest quality level through the United States - ANSI certification.
ANSI certification as the highest level internationally the most stringent quality certification, the product quality assurance and symbol. The certification by the operation of the product, life, strength, safety, surface and materials rigorous testing requirements of unified standards and technology, uniform interpretation of standards and technical requirements to achieve a common understanding, to enhance the core competitiveness of products, giving the largest purchaser of trust.
Standard 2: There is no full proof style design
Fingerprint door lock security as a high-tech products, not only to protect the family property, and can rest assured that your family use. Some conflicts, especially in today's society causes the problem persists, lock with full anti-style design is very important.
Performance of high security lock, will be the perfect blend of traditional and modern high-tech machinery technology of fingerprint identification technology, with theft, riot, water, fire, moisture, corrosion, anti-temperature, shock, wear, rain, sun, etc. 360 wide patented anti-style design and structure are pure stainless steel material, the highest security.
Standard 3: Is there a locking function that is close
In our daily life, often forget to lock closed, especially vulnerable groups (such as the elderly or children) will forget the door lock switch, which will leave home with the tail risks of theft.
When selected fingerprint lock, fingerprint lock is equipped to understand the function of closing the lock in order to eliminate the aftermath of this security, the use of a more assured.
Standard 4: There is no perfect after-sales service
According to industry professionals, observation, the current fingerprint lock manufacturer's sales and service point network are generally not large, even after-sales service, after-sales service commitment to the formation of dummy.
When buying fingerprint locks, fingerprint lock brands must understand there is no national service point, there is no unified user-free service hotline opened, and promised to provide 24-hour program questions.
Standard 5: Is there a U-free grip
In the market, many do not have the U-fingerprint lock free handles feature. Because, lock free handles product with U-function, you can care to vulnerable groups (such as the elderly and children) when friendly fire, showing that the fingerprint lock in the design of imaginative brand. And, U-type handle can be free of violence and to prevent the misuse of anti-phenomenon. Therefore, we must look at whether the fingerprint lock with U-free handle.
Standard 6: which company's brand products
Real lock, the general must go through 5 years of precipitation, or product quality is not guaranteed. Also, a fingerprint lock excellent quality products, clinical trials to go through locks, fingerprint recognition technology, user feedback, product development, product design, mold manufacturing, casting, stamping, drilling, lathes, wire cutting, electronic applications, polished plating, assembly, quality inspection and other 110 processes.
It is recommended the first Gill (Keylock) lock, the brand has 20 years of experience in lock technology and not only to "Rise of locks" corporate philosophy, and is synonymous with American high-end fingerprint lock.
Standard 7: There is no recognized authority projects
Fingerprint lock is generally used before the height of the high level of confidentiality and security of the place, civilian was only developed in recent years. Reliable fingerprint lock brands usually use on the authorities in some countries.
For example, using fingerprint lock on the office building at the Great Hall. Authoritative recognition of these projects: First, cutting-edge technology is state-level Fingerprint recognition, and second, the brand recognition of the credibility of brand strength.
Standard 8: There is no multi-point latch protection
Now the complexity of social problems, door locks security performance received more attention. Fingerprint generally made of stainless steel bolt, but most are single-latch fingerprint lock, especially lock in Korea, it is not suitable for Chinese people.
South Korea's single lock because the lock is certainly easy to be forced open, or not reach the performance of security and riot. The multi-point latch with the lock, is by far the most superior performance with the highest security. So I chose not to see the appearance of fingerprint lock, more to see inside.
Standard 9: Is there any fingerprint recognition technology with biology
Fingerprint door locks have become the representative of a new generation, the key is using fingerprint recognition technology in biology, the use of the uniqueness of human fingerprints and not replicable. This pushed the U.S. Biological wide fingerprint identification technology.
Because more than 50 million people in the world among each person's fingerprint is unique and the world that leaves no one exactly the same. Are the U.S. fingerprint recognition technology in biology, the use of fingerprint recognition, on the human body temperature, temperature, and even the speed of blood flow has certain requirements to prevent the lawless elements of the hidden copy and use of fingerprints, a good solution generic key to open the door of the problems of others to ensure the safety of use, so that high security Fingerprint unmatched performance.
Standard 10: There is no use of a wide range of customers
Fingerprint can use a wide range, indicating that the quality of this brand of fingerprint lock feasible, good reputation, or will not have a steady stream of customers to buy. Best choice is to have users around the world, which shows rising use of the value of fingerprint lock, and users to establish an interactive experience, to enhance the trust of users to use fingerprint lock.
Fingerprint of high-tech security products, more and more people like it. Especially with the emphasis on quality of life of Chinese people, then installed in his home on a high international standard fingerprint lock brand products, home shows undoubtedly more taste and temperament.

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