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How to Create Special Effects for Horror Movies

     Have you ever wondered how special effects in horror movies are created? Well, here are some useful tips to help you create bloody effects in your next horror movie project:

Mix Fake Blood before Filming
There is a great recipe for mixing fake blood that is provided by scientist Steve Spangler. It involves mixing corn syrup (1 cup), 2 tablespoons of red food coloring, 2 tablespoons of cornstarch, and chocolate syrup for darkening the color. This recipe is worth considering since the color and thickness of the fake blood can be adjusted easily.

Make Burst Bags
You can make burst bags by pouring some fake blood in a cup, then covering the top of the cup with a cling wrap. The next step is to pour out the blood into the wrap, then pull up the wrap carefully. Use gaffer tape to seal your burst bag. This whole process might be pretty messy, especially when you're a newbie, so wear an apron. You should also consider working in an area that's cleanable easily, for instance your kitchen counter.

These bags can be used anywhere in the actor's body for example, they can be taped inside an actor's shirt/ pant leg, or held in the palm. It is important to note that burst bags are very harmless, and can add an immense bloody effect to bullet wounds and stabs. However, actors should make sure not to ingest the fluid in them. Applying pressure to the bags till they pop helps to burst them.

Shoot Victims Through the Chest
To achieve this, tape a burst bag beneath the shirt of the victim, where he is supposed to be hit. The actor should be shot while clutching and squeezing the burst bag on his chest. Shooting directly at the victim's chest, helps to burst the bags, thus making the bleeding appear natural.

Stab the Victims in the Heart
Stabbing a human being can really be unpleasant for both you and that person, so do not use a real knife in stabbing; instead use a prop knife. To lessen the discomfort an actor is likely to feel during the process, you should make a protective covering from hard foam and a thin layer of sheet metal.

Put the foam over the metal and cut round to make a plate then attach the plate on the chest of your victim using a gaffer tape. The metal is important in preventing the victim from feeling uncomfortable, while the hard form helps the knife to stick on the chest, thus, gives it a more a realistic effect. Do not forget to attach a burst bag on top of the plate. This way, the force of stabbing a victim with a knife tip, is sufficient to burst the bag containing the blood.

Rip off the Arm of Your Victim
You can also create special effects by ripping off the hand of your victim (fake hand). To attain this, mix water, red food coloring and cornstarch till you get a blood-colored substance with your preferred viscosity and thickness. The next step is to pour the blood in a latex rubber glove, then have your victim tightly hold the glove at the end of the arm of a long-sleeved shirt. To attain bloody effects, film the victim's hand from the opposite side, when it's being ripped off. The fake blood should splash in all directions when the open glove is released. This way, the glove will be less noticeable, making the scene more practical.

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