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How to Deal With Kids Who Hate Babysitters?

     Couple of years back, there was a great shortage of caretakers in old homes. All thanks to jobs in CNA as this problem has been significantly reduced. Now, many people get employed through caregiver jobs and it is part of their work to serve senior citizens. It is a noble work that most people are proud to do. However, a bit similar profession is that of babysitting. As opposed to serving senior citizens, many people are hesitant to take care of someone else's kids. This is mainly because, kids just hate babysitters.

The problem gets worse if mothers have to leave their kids with a babysitter daily. This has become unavoidable as the moms of today wear more than one hat. These days, many mothers are also the breadwinners in the family. Moreover, they also need to socialize with their neighbors and relatives. In this scenario, taking care of kids becomes an extra challenge.

They need an extra hand when they are struggling with all their roles. Therefore the only reliable option is a baby sitter. For working mothers, it is quite hard to convince their kids as most of them hate being left with a babysitter.

Kids from all age groups are likely to have a certain amount of anxiety when left with strangers. This is quite natural. Mostly kids are not accustomed to stay away from their mothers. Leaving kids with strangers may feel like abandonment. Throughout the stay, they will be waiting for their parents to return. But do not get frustrated with this attitude. Instead try to be compassionate and understand the insecurities of your child.

They are just acting according to their natural instincts, but you being a parent have to make them realize the need for babysitter. This goes for kids of all ages. You can discuss everything with them earlier on so that they can easily accept the change.

Mostly younger kids are easy to convince, but a little older ones will ask for a more abstract explanation. Answer all their questions while keeping your tone gentle. Also, make it clear that the babysitter will not be replacing you in any way.

Also, try to get your child's opinion on this babysitting arrangement. At times, they have some valid points and you may agree with them. For instance, they are not getting along with some particular sitter. You can contact the sitter's care service to get a substitute. In any case, do not force it on them. Give them some time to accept the change meanwhile you will be able to address their fears.

Initially, every child goes through separation anxiety. This is why you need to proceed slowly. Start by arranging a casual meeting with the sitter along with your kids in the same room. Kids are usually quite observant. When they see you are comfortable with the person, they would not consider him/her a stranger.

Once you are sure they feel secure with the sitter, withdraw your presence for a while. It is your sudden disappearance that bothers your child, so make it gradual and short-spanned at first. This way your child will be certain that you will surely return no matter where you go.

Finally, you need to give some time so that a nice chemistry develops between your child and the babysitter. In case all this fails, you can resort to changing sitters. But obviously, this has to be the last resort.

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