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How To Get A Six Pack Through Perfecting Your Six Pack Abs Diet

     Everyone wants to have a sexy six pack, but are they willing to put in the work, desire, and dedication? If you understand the truth about the best way to get a six pack, then you might be surprised at how easy it actually is to get a six pack abs. However, it does take much more than cranking out as many crunches as you can. Crunches are in fact a waste of time if your body fat percentage is too high for a six pack to show. They do aid in tightening the abdominal muscles, but they do not really do anything for overall weight loss. The real key to obtaining the sexy look that you always wanted is obtaining a low body fat percentage with lots of lean muscle.

Exercise is an important element in obtaining a six pack, but diet is a much more important factor in shaping your body. If you are not managing your nutrition correctly, you will not see the six pack that you desire. Therefore, the first priority is to put together a six pack abs diet. you can do this through learning the information you need to eat a healthy diet that burns fat and builds muscle. There are many websites that claim to be dedicated to getting you a six pack fast, but in reality, they are dedicated to making money. Six pack abs do not come from a gimmicky machine or pill, they come from losing weight. Some plans that do try to sell you on weight loss, give false quick results promises that result in mostly water weight loss and may be outright unhealthy even. Just because a diet may result in the number on the scale being lowered does not necessarily mean that it is healthy. The best way to get a six pack is to build a six pack diet that will ultimately benefit your health and well being. The benefit to the type of diet mentioned in this article is that you will become lean and strong in a painless manner that does not involve starvation or malnutrition.

Body Fat Percentages

People often want to know the exact body fat composition they need for a six pack to show. The truth is it may vary between persons. People have different body chemistry and protein musculature. Men and women also differ in general numbers when it comes to body fat for abs.


10-14 percent is the point ab definition generally begins to show. 9 percent usually shows up as the shredded look people desire.


16-20 percent is the point ab definition generally begins to show. 15 percent is where superior ab definition begins to appear.

Generally, body fat percentages lower than these are usually only seen in competitive body builders and fitness models. Regardless of your goals, there is a six pack abs diet that will help you achieve it.


The first part of your diet you need to understand and manage are calories. Calories function basically as a measurement of how much energy you are consuming in your food. You need to know about how many calories you should be eating to achieve your goals. Most people will see results in a fat reduction program by limiting themselves to 14 calories per pound of body weight. For fat loss at a noticeable speed with this calorie consumption, working out 3-5 times in a week will most likely be necessary. For maximum effectiveness of a six pack abs diet, excessive should be performed on a consistent basis to burn some of the energy that is consumed in the food. As your body fat drops lower, it will become more difficult to continue to lose weight. For this reason, it may be necessary to limit calorie intake to 9-10 calories per pound of body weight for continued results.

Eating this static number of calories may not work as you start to get your body fat lower as your body may combat your efforts because it thinks it is starving. Cycling between high and low values or utilizing a cheat day are common strategies to keep hormones in balance and prevent weight loss plateaus. It is also a good idea to consume more calories and carbs on days that you plan to exercise than on days you will be sedentary.


Unhealthy fat needs to be cut from your diet and limited to cheat days, since it offers a high caloric value with no nutritional value. Healthy fat is an important factor to include into your diet as it will actually help you to lose weight. Fat is need to produce hormones regulating your weight loss and to feel the sensation of being full for longer periods of time. It takes fat longer to digest than the other macromolecules. It is a common myth that fat makes you fat but this is not true. Although they share the same name, it does not mean that fat causes fat bodies. Healthy fat must be regulated however because fat contain 9 calories per gram as opposed to 4 calories in a gram of carbohydrates or protein. This is why fatty foods are generally high in calories and why your body stores energy as fat. All excess forms of calories are converted to fat as this makes sense for biological efficiency.


Carbs are more in control of fat gain then dietary fat. They directly influence the release of the hormone insulin. Insulin tells your body to feed the cells nutrients from the bloodstream. Insulin also effects leptin and a whole other cascade of hormones related to fat loss. Carbs are not bad either, as they are the preferred energy source for your body and brain. Your body needs carbs to fuel the building of muscle and realize that it is not starving. Carb cycling seems to work well for results. This also tends to reduce water retention giving the appearance of being more lean without any actual fat loss.


Protein is very important as well. This is important as high levels of protein will help you to feel full for longer periods of time and prevent muscle loss from a lower calorie diet. Keeping muscle is import to maintain a high metabolism and for the ab muscles to exhibit growth.

No matter where your goals and starting point are, perfecting your six pack abs diet is the best way to get a six pack. There are many resources that will try to or even pretend to teach you how to get to the point you want. You need knowledge and guidance to get the washboard stomach you crave, but who you trust to give you the knowledge is important as well. Even if it seems like a long off goal, it is not as far off as you may think. Getting results does take effort, but it is fairly easy to do by simply cleaning up your bad habits and following real information based on the science and the physiology of your body. It is up to you to want to make a change, but the information is available if you know where to find it. You first need the desire, then the knowledge, then the application. After applying these 3 steps, you will undoubtedly see results.

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