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How to Get Targeted Traffic to Your Network Marketing Home Business Opportunity Website

     Network marketing home business opportunities are growing as fast as a wildfire spreading going on in the West Coast of the United States. What's getting even more popular is the fact that a lot of these network marketing opportunities can be marketed on the internet. In fact, some of these network marketing opportunities only deal on the internet. With opportunities like this, the real work a person has to do is just drive traffic to the home business opportunity website. It is quite simple, but the problem is that there are many ways to get traffic to a website. This article will give three approaches to marketing a website.

The first approach is what is called article marketing. I want to talk about this first because article marketing is free to do. Article marketing is basically writing an article and including a link to the website the author is promoting. If the author did his job correctly, then readers will click on the link, which then brings them to the website the author may be promoting. There are various ways to market articles, but I will give a simple strategy that has been proven to work, and still does today.

What needs to be done is to write 25 articles. Now for those that hated English class because of the writing involved, it is possible to have the articles written for them. However, doing so makes this strategy not so free. After having 25 articles, the author then signs up an account. After signing up, an author will be able to start submitting articles. However, one will not be able to submit all 25. 10 of the articles must be approved before submitting more articles.

The next step is to sign up for an account with Create a Squidoo lens and put 5 of the articles on there. Then, go to HubPages,com, sign up for an account, create a hub lens and put another 5 of the articles in that lens. The remaining five should be submitted to what is called an article submitter. Doing so will submit those five articles to multiple article directories like The reason EzineArticles is used first, is because EzineArticles is the biggest and most authoritative article directory on the internet. Once everything has been set up, the best thing to do is to write an article a day for ezine, squidoo, hub, and article submission. This strategy alone can be a traffic provider for a long, long time.

Though article marketing is highly effective for long term traffic, there are other strategies that deliver traffic faster. One of those methods is called Pay Per Click (PPC). PPC is a great way to drive traffic to a website. Unfortunately, PPC does cost. Also, if one does not know what they're doing (writing ads), a lot of money can be lost. The best thing to do is learn PPC first. It is not recommended to just jump into an advertising medium, like Google Adwords, and start writing ads. The key is to figure out which keywords are working right, then start putting more money on those keywords that are converting. The advantage of PPC is that is provides traffic almost instantly. The disadvantage is that a lot of money can be lost.

Another way to market a website is called forum marketing. It is a very effective way to get traffic to a network marketing home business opportunity. Not only will forum marketing provide traffic, but it is a way to get credibility.

The first step to forum marketing is to join a forum that is related to the home business opportunity. For instance, if the home business was a business about network marketing, then a forum about network marketing would be the forum to join. After joining, participate in the forum. The more one participates, the more one will be seen as a contributing member of the forum. After getting the status of a respected contributing member of the forum, it is then time to post relevant information in the forum. Also, asking great questions will help.

The way traffic is coming from forum marketing is from a member's signature line at the bottom of each of a member's post. So, an internet marketer that is forum marketing would provide a link on their sig line. If a person likes the information that has been posted, that person may click on the link in the poster's sig line provided it is relevant to what that person Is looking for. That link is usually the website the poster is promoting.

These three strategies are highly effective. In some cases, these three may be all a person trying to market a network marketing home business opportunity online. The main thing is to implement and take action after learning about any internet marketing strategy.

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Arleigh Cortez is an entrepreneur. His passion is showing people that there are better ways than living the "9 to 5" life. Not only does he show that there is a way, he shows how to actually do it. Learn more about Arleigh and his company's mission to make 100 millionaires by article submission is greatly considerable for awesome article marketing.

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