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How To Heal Trust Issues In Your Relationship

     It can be very challenging overcoming trust issues in a relationship. Both parties involved have to put in a lot of effort. If the trust in your relationship is being tested, it is not too late to repair the situation. Your partner most likely still has feelings for you. Now is the time to think about your happier past, open your heart, and give your partner put a little bit of trust. The secret however, is in letting them realize how much you have changed.

Here are five recommendations for overcoming trust issues in your relationship if you or your partner has been unfaithful or if you are putting things back together following a break up.

Accept The Grieving Process.

When you have been betrayed, you go through the five stages of grief. Denial, anger, bargaining, depression and finally, acceptance. This is part of your journey for overcoming trust issues. Don't try to rush or fight any of these stages and don't let any of them consume you. Believing that each stage will occur will stop you from doing something that you may regret later. You may need to seek professional help if you feel that you are not able to handle any of the grief stages.

Be Willing To Commitment.

When you begin to restore trust in a relationship, both of you have to be fully committed to overcoming the difficulties you have with trust first. Trust is a two-way street and you are both either in or out. Reestablishing trust is not an simple process. It takes genuine hard work from both you and your partner.

Be Open With Your Partner.

Earning back trust after losing it in the first place can only happen if you are open. Do not give your partner any reason to doubt you. You will not have any success overcoming trust issues if you do not clearly explain what you were doing, where you are going or who you were with. Most importantly, expect the same from your partner. Share passwords, explain yourself in detail and always be accountable for everything you do or say. This way there will be no gray areas in your relationship and you will have no reason to doubt each other.

You Need Patience.

If you are the betrayer, you need to give your partner the time and space to release their emotions. This may involve some insults or passive aggressive action. You need to accept these because you probably deserve it. You then need to find out what your partner needs. This could be reassurance, closure or explanation. You must be consistently available to respond, comfort and reassure your partner when ever they need it. Is is more difficult overcoming trust issues if you are the victim. You need to accept what has happened and look for a solution for learning to trust in a relationship with your partner again rather than tormenting yourself and others.

Know When To Give Up.

The most important thing about overcoming trust issues in a relationship is trusting yourself and knowing when to call it a day. This type of decision can only be made when you trust yourself first. Trusting your judgment means knowing your limits and how much you can take before throwing in the towel and moving on with your life.

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