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How to Pack a Diaper Bag

     Babies and toddlers need a lot of supplies any time you take them somewhere. There are diapers, wipes, plastic resealable bags, a change of clothing, powder, ointment, toys, bottles, formula, food and snacks that must accompany most babies and toddlers. There are some diaper bag packing tips that may help you keep your sanity when leaving your home with a baby or toddler.

Making a packing list so you don't forget anything you may need. It is a good idea to keep your diaper bag in the nursery or child's room and place the packing list next to it. From here you can get all the supplies you are going to need as well as remember to refill it after each use. There are a number of great diaper bags that provide pockets for almost everything so choose your diaper bag wisely. This list should include all ointments, lotions, salves, wipes, toys or other supplies you deem important enough to include. Make sure it is in a safe place and next to the bag so it reminds you to refill every time you reach for the bag.

Pack plenty of diapers whether they are disposable diapers or cloth. You can never have too many diapers when it comes to babies and toddlers. These should be kept dry and away from anything that may leak onto them such as baby oil, lotion, powder or formula. You can place them in a gallon size zip lock bag to prevent them from becoming tore or soiled from other supplies. You should also carry some small resealable bags to dispose of the diapers after you change your child. These prevent smelly diapers from being disposed of in an offensive way. You will also want to carry plenty of wipes or a wet wash cloth with you.

Bottles can be filled but should be placed in the side pockets of a diaper bag. Most diaper bags provide at least two pockets for bottles. If more than this is needed, you should carry enough formula to fill the bottles in a sealed container. Caps should be used for the bottles so that even if the bag falls over the nipples are protected from contamination. If you are travel packing you should make sure you carry extra formula and clean bottles. Travel packing requires more supplies than you would normally carry for s short trip to the mall or doctor's office.

When packing ointments, lotions, oils, powders or any medications for a baby or toddler you should make sure your diaper bag contains zippered compartments where you can carry these items without the risk of your child obtaining them. Sometimes toddlers will reach inside a diaper bag to get a toy or something that catches their eye. If the bag does not contain any zippered compartments, you should carry these things in a separate zip lock bag, away from your child's toys, bottles and pacifiers. These packing tips should help you keep your bag filled as well as prevent you from forgetting something important.

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