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How To Prolong Your Cell Phones Life

     Cell phones can actually be compared with the air we breathe, thus the same way you will not put aside air, you may feel helpless going through life without carrying a cell phone. The good news is that today almost anyone has a cell phone, and those that have not bought any yet, can buy a cheap non-contract cell phone to pay as they go with it. Having a cell phone is a great thing indeed, but modern phones are not longer just a communication tool but the center of our social and entertainment activities, what make cell phones exhaust their useful life sooner than before.

Naturally, manufacturers have made many improvements in their products when the date of a cell phone release comes up, which is actually every now and them. We could say that almost every day there is a new cell phone trying to lure our senses. Perhaps it is not so frequently, but new cell phones are so appealing that we cannot easily resist making a switch. However, we must admit that sometimes we love the cell phone we have because of the time we have used it, the information that it contains or the features that a new model may not include.

While it is possible to transfer the information stored in one cell phone to another, that "love" for our old (and current) cell phone might be bigger than the allure for a new phone, although we have to confess that our budget is many times the factor to prevent us from buying a new cell phone. So whether you want to keep your cell phone for love or because you do not have the money to buy a new one, there are some tips that will help you to prolong your cell phone's life.

The battery is what powers your cell phone, so make sure to treat it the right way. When you buy a new cell phone, (See for new cellphones online) you have to the battery charge is full and then discharged in full before charging it again, repeating the cycle at least three times. Perhaps it is too late for you because you might not even remember what you did after buying your cell phone other than using it, but jot down this advice for your next purchase.

Always turn off your cell phone when charging its battery and never leave it connected to the power outlet or USB port all day long. Although doing this may keep your battery fully charged for longer time, by these actions you are reducing the battery life significantly, and eventually it may even explode.

In addition, use a protective case or screen cover. True, your phone might be already scratched, but if you do not protect it, damage will lead to having an unreadable screen or broken keys. Buying these and other cell phone accessories is cheaper than buying a new cell phone and many times it is worth the investment, as new cell phone models are not always synonym for better.

Cellphone Charlie is a freelance techno-gadget-maniac who writes about cellphones and smartphones

Cellphone Charlie is a freelance techno maniac who writes about cellphones for

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Cellphone Charlie is a freelance techno-gadget-maniac who writes about cellphones and smartphones

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