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How To Successfully Look After And Love Husky Puppies

     Siberian Husky Puppies are known as one of the most loving, playful, devoted animals families could obtain. While some dogs can be left to themselves to entertain themselves for long periods, this breed is not one of them. Husky owners may get a bit angry with the dog at times, until they understand the unique side of this amazing animal.

Owners of one of these fun loving dogs should keep in mind a few key points that will go a long way in not only reducing family stress levels, but also in providing an environment in which the dog can nurture, grow and adapt positively to its new family. Though there are many breeds that can be left in the house alone, this puppy is not one of them. As a high energy dog, without supervision they tend to become too playful and destructive.

Siberian Husky's are definitely working dogs. They were originally used as a dog used for pulling sleds in Alaska. Their speed is next to none as can be observed when the dog is used for racing and pulling. As such, dog owners need to be aware that leaving this breed of animal unattended for long periods of time generally results in the Husky's working instinct kicking into gear. This might result in chewing, running, jumping, climbing and digging, without regard for indoor space.

This animal needs to be walked and exercised, which helps to reduce energy levels. If leaving the dog alone, make sure to put him in a crate or kennel, especially if being left indoors. Chain him to a good chain and leave plenty of room for the dog to roam. This breed loves open spaces to run and jump.

Another issue to keep in mind is that these animals are pack dwellers. That means they are used to a pack leader. They are loving, kind and playful, but these dogs will need someone to give them strong orders and direction.

Commands need to be given with strength, otherwise puppies will see no reason to obey. If they determine there is no leader there will be issues with behavior. The dog will undoubtedly take on a stronger personality and will see no reason to follow orders.

As a cool weather animal, heat might present an issue for this puppy. Don't overwork the animal during summer months in high heat. This pet also tends to bark excessively at night, much like a wolf. Some pet owners, irritated by this, build an area in the yard for their dogs at night. Others try putting the dog in their bedroom.

As a breed that loves working, this dog will exert energy in way it can find. Some owners find their excessive energy levels hard to handle and place the pet in obedience learning. This can greatly reduce many of the behavior and energy level problems previously discussed. In addition, exercising the dog on a regular basis will also help these problems dramatically.

Husky owners also sometimes find building a fence is necessary as Huskies are jumpers and climbers, even on a leash. A fence two feet into the ground will also keep them from digging under the fence and escaping. Make sure you have the animal on a strong leash, so it can't dart away. Husky's don't understand staying in the yard when puppies.

Grooming is another issue to focus on. Grooming visits at a professional groomer might reduce any falling hair. They tend to shed and combing them regularly is an effort that keeps stray hair at a minimum, and is an activity the dog will enjoy.

Husky puppies may howl like a wolf, and look like a wolf, but they are really just fun loving, sweet, devoted animals. As with any animal, however, make sure they are around other people on a regular basis. Allow them to understand how to respond to other people, including small children. Allow other people to pet them and kiss them. Husky's love attention from anyone.

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