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How to Travel With Baby and Stroller

     If you are a new parent, you may be wondering how in the world you are supposed to travel with a baby and stroller, diaper bag plus your purse and the things you need. Not to worry. Women and men have been travelling with children for thousands of years and nothing has changed but the mode of transportation.

Travelling with a baby and stroller can be cumbersome depending on the type of stroller you use. For instance an umbrella stroller is the easiest to travel with because it folds up small enough to carry on one arm. There are a few things you should consider before travelling with a stroller and baby items.

There are different types of strollers. Some are rather large and bulky while others are small and simple.

Decide on your mode of transportation. Some modes of transportation will not allow you to carry a stroller on board.

Determine whether you will actually need a stroller on your trip. Many destinations for vacations and pleasure rent strollers so it may be easier to rent one once you arrive.

If you determine you absolutely cannot travel without a stroller consider using the most convenient of all of the strollers; an umbrella stroller. Some people use umbrella strollers as a baby and toddler stroller plus if you have both a toddler and a baby they are easily bound together to handle two children at once.

If you are travelling by automobile make sure the vehicle you drive has a large enough trunk to accommodate your baby and toddler stroller plus any luggage you may need for both you and your baby. Try to choose a stroller that is easy to fold up and store as well as fits through doorways, aisles and trails. If you are travelling by train, plain or boat, inform travel agent when you are booking your trip that you are travelling with stroller and baby plus luggage. They should be made aware of this in order to better book your transportation. Some modes of transportation may require you to purchase an extra seat for your baby and toddler stroller, your travel agent will be able to make sure your trip goes according to plan.

Although it is difficult to travel with a baby and stroller, nothing is impossible when it comes to travelling. Small umbrella strollers fold up and can usually be stored in the overhead compartment of a plane or train. Larger strollers require more room but may fit under the seats of either a plane or train. Consider others around you too. Make sure whatever type of stroller you are travelling with is not a danger or inconvenience to other passengers. It should be able to be stored so that it is not blocking an aisle or passageway and where others cannot trip over the handles and wheels of the stroller. Strollers are one of the most convenient ways to transport a child but can be bothersome to others around you in close settings.

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