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HTML5 Does Not Kill Mobile Application

     Apple confrontation FLASH process is also limited inside? Applied to expressly prohibited Flash on iPad and iPhone, Apple forced Web developers had to give up the use of Flash technology. Apple and Steve Jobs for Adobe's final decision to abandon mobile Flash business "provides valuable suggestions. Of course, from the other hand, Apple makes HTML5 applications achieve better development. This is good news for Safari users, not bad on the the Android Web platform users. If there is an excellent general-purpose online application platform, then there is no doubt that developers will be the platform for this application, because in order to get the most users, it is not difficult to understand.

In addition, Adobe is now a foregone HTML5 believers, they are ready to publish high-quality HTML5 development tools to allow Flash developers to migrate to a new platform. The author would like to in the near future, you should be able to see the emergence of a Web-based mobile applications such as floods.

All this seems to be exactly in line with Apple's intentions: Steve Jobs launched the movement to rid the world of Flash seems like almost succeeded, the user will be able to see better applications on Apple's mobile devices, better web browsing experience.

I had conversation with the CEO of a network company, the HTML5 progress excited because he saw the different version of the future does not have to be the same should be developed for different platforms. Attract his is the cross-platform HTML5 HTML5 popular, then they need to develop an HTML5 version of the application will be sufficient.

But I do not know how to understand it is considered good news for the lucrative Apple App Store. Apple application store will earn the less because The HTML5 development the better, the traditional application developers will be less and will be less, due to the unique cross-platform applications, iPhone and iPad. In other words, Apple is pushing the world towards HTML5, as well as being cut off of a cash cow.

HTML5 mobile applications that can kill it?

The opposite point of view from the CEO of another company, this company in Web services, mobile applications and traditional computer software field to accomplish something. He believes that mobile applications will continue to generate down, and ultimately determine the direction of the development of the mobile space is not a developer, not a consumer, but control of the mobile operating system: Apple, Google and Microsoft.

Mobile application developers face the biggest challenges makes the application capable of lasting concern for those Web Apps, currently there is no effective way, even with the recommendations and evaluation of the well-known site, its impact is still a little vertical disappearing. To get your applications continue to appear in the eyes of potential customers, it is best to put it on an application inside the store.

Currently or in the foreseeable future, in order to build a Web application is compatible with all hardware platforms, it seems that is not easy. This is not because HTML5 is not advanced enough, but because of mobile hardware and operating system manufacturers always try to keep their products ahead of the characteristics of the "lowest common denominator" for all similar products, this is their strategy of selling their products. (Note: the "lowest common denominator" feature can be understood as follows: all those who support the function.)

So, if you create a mobile application, you have to follow this trend, in order to profit.

Now the entire mobile space widely publicized HTML5 compatibility, it might be a trap. To be successful, developers need to separate each platform area to be treated. In the non-HTML5 era, might you build applications only applies to the latest and greatest hardware platform, yes, the average user to use the opportunity probability smaller, but each one purchased new equipment will be biased in favor of using it. Your application more play to the advantage of the new hardware platform, hardware and system providers will be more inclined to help you spread the application, which will bring you some unexpected results. Once your application has been successful on a new hardware platform, then you can begin to encroach the actions of other hardware platforms.

For those trying to conquer all platforms at once the developers, usually can not find marketing partners, or not lose in an all times, be difficult for someone to win. HTML5 does not kill the mobile application.

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