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Ideal Engines - How to Pick the Ideal Engine If Using E-Bay

     ideal engines- how to pick the ideal engine if using E-Bay

If you decide to use E-bay in your search for a cheap engine, second hand engine or reconditioned engine you have to beware of the many pitfalls and obstacles that might present themselves during your search.
The number one biggest thing I can recommend if you are using E-Bay is to have as much information about your vehicle as possible before your search begins. Information you should have to find the ideal engine for your vehicle would be: vehicle year, vehicle make, vehicle model, what type of fuel does your vehicle use (petrol, diesel, or Lpg conversion), what size is your engine in your vehicle now?(this can be located on your v5 document and is normally listed in cc's (cubic centimetres) this can be converted to litres as it is more common (1800cc=1.8L), also it is good to know if your vehicle is equipped with a turbo or supercharger as some vehicles came with and without these items and the engines are manufactured differently.

Once you have that information to hand you can begin your search. There are two possible ways to approach your search within E-Bay. With the first one you would start with a broad search term( for example: "Toyota engine" ) and then browse all of the listings available to see if you can find what you are looking for at a price you are willing to pay. The second, more productive way to use E-Bay is to do a more targeted search with the information you have to hand. An Example of this would be to search for "Toyota celica 1.8 engine". This will return more results that will be relevant to what you are actually looking for. It does also make sense that if the people who are selling the engines are reputable and know what they are doing, they try to make the engines as easy to find as possible by providing as much information in the listing as they can to make finding their items as easy as they can.

After you have your search results you should have a piece of scrap paper handy and take notes of what each supplier offers. Some will offer a longer warranty, some will offer free delivery, and others will offer other assorted bells and whistles trying to get you to buy their product. Remember one thing, the only reason suppliers list on E-Bay is to sell a product. You being the buyer have to think of things realistically. If you find a supplier with an offer that seems much less than others of the same type then it is probably too good to be true. Extremely long warranties that are offered (anything over 6-12 month) normally have clauses in them which make them no better than a standard six month warranty at the end of the day. Also be sure to buy from someone with a good feedback score and rating. The amount of feedback is not as important as the actual seller rating. While you want to deal with someone who has been in business for a while, sometimes when dealing with engines many people prefer to call the businesses direct and pay via credit card for the extra security. In this case the feedback system would not reflect the sale as the customer has called in to pay rather than hitting buy it now or purchasing directly through E-Bay. But you can usually tell from the feedback profile that is left whether the business is dedicated to good customer service or not. Do not be afraid to e-mail or call the supplier in order to confirm information if you need to. Many suppliers would rather answer as many questions as possible so they avoid sending out en engine to find out when it arrives that it is wrong. This costs them and you more money if the engine was ordered wrong. Deliveries, even if they offer free shipping, still cost the supplier money and if it was ordered wrong you will be liable for the additional delivery charges.

When you have finally found your supplier then you can either hit the buy it now function on ebay or call them up and complete the transaction whichever way is easiest for you.
This should result in getting your replacement engine sent to the address of your choice. Once the unit shows up have your mechanic look it over thoroughly to make sure it is compatible with your vehicle and you should have just finished sorting the process of buying your vehicle a replacement engine.

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