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Importance of the Sign up Forms in Web Development

     For most of us, logging into a website to access relevant information is part of our daily routine. In fact, itís such a common occurrence that most of us have actually stopped thinking the process of how itís done. This consideration comes only when we forget the password, our user name details or the email address that was used to sign up. Research has found that most users had multiple registrations. The audiences who do not register with the website do not find a personalized view of the website or the recommendations. This affects the conversion rate of the website and increasing the bounce rate of the website.

Most of the web development companies provide the simplistic sign in forms, in which the user name, password and email id is required for sign in. Most of these forms also provide help for those who do not remember the password or is new to the website. In most of the forms, these are some of common login user interface components that are accounted for. These websites are devised to return errors when their log in attempts fails. They can sometimes return with the profile image and user account. Sometimes the visual image acts as the visual confirmation. The website should also be able to provide solutions that resolve the problem. Sometimes the log in forms make the user aware of the matching accounts available for the address entered. Once the visual confirmation is affirmed, the user gets to view the customized view of the website.

The second form type includes an instant log in option. This option enables a user to log in without the password on a browser. Entering the website by this method removes the need for the password when re-entering the website. All that is needed is to visit the website, and select the profile picture or user name that is displayed on the screen. This option is often a default one, however, if the user wants to proceed with the standard log in systems, all that the user has to do is select the ďLog in another user.Ē The website developer understands that while the one-click instant sign in is a convenient option, it is not viable log in for most users. This is the reason that most websites are integrating third party sign in solutions. These would include the popular social media websites like the Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. All this methods help in reducing the hassles of multiple sign-ins that people need to remember across all the websites that are being used. This also ensures a single account to access multiple websites. The third party websites facilitates in faster logging in.

Nevertheless, with this new log in options, there are other problems, usually due to multiple choices. The user, when faced with multiple sign in options, usually does the following. Firstly, the users remember the service that they used for sign-up and they log in instantly. This is the best case scenario. The users assume that they can sign in with the help of third party. They do have an account in the third party websites, however, they forget that another account is needed for the website that they are trying to log into. Lastly, the users forget about the service that they used to sign up. They hesitate and therefore either fail to log in or redirects to another page. This lands them up into signing up again.

Other than this, another type of form would reduce the confusion with the logging in. In this format, the user enters their name or email address. Instant search is used to match results. The user can access the website with the help of user id. This is beneficial because the users can stay signed in until they actually log out. This also reduces the amount of effort needed to log into the website. It is a proven fact that websites would benefit from adhering to new ideas, thoughts and design improvements. The log in form is a simple structure that is made to facilitate the interaction with the audience.

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Steven Brown works with web development companies thinks that only with the incorporation of recent trends would the objectives of the website be achieved. It is important that the ideas by the website developer be not taken for granted.

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