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In Software Sales Does A Dress Code Really Exist?

     The word is changing and so it seems is our dress sense and code. As I write this the weather has improved and the urge to wear shorts to the office seems to have popped up everywhere.

Wearing shorts in a business setting is a hot debate. What is or is not acceptable can be industry specific. My own experience working closely within the it sales sector demonstrates to me that smart professional rather than smart grungy is the preferred style.

Though there is no doubt shorts are in and on the rise for both men and women and it seems within every age group. But are shorts really OK for an interview? Not really; so what is and does dress code really matter.

Well the evidence says that most certainly it does. As human beings we have many different preferences and personality traits. One key aspect is the way we process information. Some of us are more visually orientated whereas others prefer to listen. This becomes significant when you look at data that approximately half of the human population are visually orientated. In other words the impact of what you are wearing will have an effect the minute you walk into any interview situation.

On the upside most candidates get it right over eighty percent of the time so take hope in that!

So make it work for you. No matter what our own personal opinions are on the subject your potential new employer will take your appearance as a signpost to who you are and how you might approach work. It is about getting the balance right. Ideally your 'dress' should tick the first box of the interviewers unconscious checklist. Psychologically your new employer has a mental image of what a new hire will look like, as long as you fit that broad frame both parties can them move onto uncovering the value you can bring to them and vice versa. Think about it; the likes of Nokia, IBM and Microsoft all have a brand image which they will want you to fit into. If all goes to plan within a matter of weeks you will be representing them as a member of their staff. Confused about how this might practically work? Here are a few suggestions to clear away the fog.

1.Look good and feel good

That does not mean that you need to buy the latest fashion or spend thousands on a new outfit. Wear something you know looks good on you which, incidentally will psychologically, have the effect of making you 'feel' confident. If it is senior role it goes without saying that you need to dress for the part and demonstrate you understand the importance of the role with the quality and style of what you are wearing

2.Take care of the basics

I am sure that everyone knows this and for completeness I will still mention it. Anything short, too tight or too revealing is a no; as is too much aftershave, perfume or makeup. There are many other ways to stand out. The subject of shoes? For some reason they seems to have a significant impact particularly in a negative context if they are scuffed and dirty. As a normal British guy I know very little about women's shoes. However my understanding is that heels are a big thing for women. That is fine at interview just remember you might need to walk a very long way in them so please be kind to yourself!

In summary dress is important. The whole point is to help your potential new employer make a decision that you are the best person for the role. Looking the part is one step in the process.

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