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Information about Tobacco Fillers used in Cigars

     If you have been purchasing your cigars from a tobacco shop, have you ever wondered about the fillers in the cigars? If you haven’t, we have compiled some interesting facts about fillers. Tobacco is similar to wine. Its attributes are influenced by the country where it is grown and the weather conditions also have an impact on the characteristics of the tobacco. The weather is going to vary every year, so the year the crop was yielded is important for the producers. The following information will help you to get some insight on your cigar tobacco fillers after you have bought it from the cigar shop:

Aging: Even though if the fillers are processed well, they need to be aged. Remember, the fuller the strength of the tobacco is, the lengthier the aging process and this enhances the taste. It is possible to store the fillers for many years. The moment they reach peak aging, they stay stable. However, thin and extremely light tobaccos could decline if they are stored for a very long period of time.

Blending: When more than two tobacco varieties are mixed in a cigar, the taste will be somewhat amidst the taste of both tobaccos. While smoking a cigar immediately once it is created, the strongest constituent will be prominent upon the milder constituent. After some time, the taste becomes balanced which is why aging of cigars is required.

Tasting: The 3 main varieties of fillers are: Java, Brazil Bahia and Cuba. All of them have their own distinctive taste and flavor. The Cuban filler is usually full bodied and has the most intricate and richest aroma. This filler is really inimitable and one can easily distinguish it when someone is smoking it. The Brazil Bahia filler is medium-full bodied and has nice fruity flavors. Finally, the Java filler is mild and somewhat bitter and has certain spicy flavors. When many different kinds are blended, the ensuing flavors and taste are not the same as the original kinds.

Composition: The constituents of the blend are purchased individually. The buyer of the tobacco has to taste every one of them and this could be difficult sometimes. He should be aware of the essential characteristics and realize the correct grade for the tobacco blend. The blend composition differs from one tobacco crop to the other.

Color: The tobacco cultivates green leaves in the fields. If they are not picked by anyone, then they will become yellow and ultimately brown. The yellow color indicates the plant is beginning to die. The tobacco leaves need to be plucked at the proper ripeness and at the same time have to be green in color. The shade of the green color is influenced by the type of tobacco and the method used in the field. Once picked, the leaves have about 90% water and need to be dried under meticulous conditions so that they can be used in cigars for smoking. Immediately, after the tobacco leaves are picked, the green leaves ones are hung in tobacco curing barns. In case, if there aren’t any artifacts applied, then the leaves will naturally become yellow and eventually brown. Therefore, it is imperative to recognize that the higher the leaf’s stalk position is, then darker the color will be. Therefore, the key influencing factor of the leaves color and body will be the stalk position. The higher the leaves, the stronger will be the taste. With all the above information, you can know your cigars better after acquiring them from a pipe tobacco online store.

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