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Innovative and Fun Finger Face Weather App

     There are certain devices available that help in determining daily weather conditions. General weather devices are very advanced and offer a detailed weather report. However, this information can be only understood by those trained in meteorological sciences. Today, you can get the information on the weather on your mobile within few seconds. On the Finger Face Weather App, you can get information on the weather immediately. People require only few details about the weather to get a clear picture, which includes temperature, rainfall and humidity. This is what most weather applications provide.

Although there are number of weather applications available on the app store, people look for applications that describe the day’s weather in a much interesting way. Simply having a tab that only shows temperature or humidity just doesn't cut it anymore. Thus artists enhance the application with interesting graphics. The human mind tends to associate to things that is easy to understand and visually pleasing. The job of Finger Face Weather App is to provide the end user with a graphical representation of what the weather is supposed to feel like.

Well, for e.g., imagine it is 35 degrees in New York. However, if the humidity is 90% and above, the weather will be hot and wet, which means you will sweat. Whereas for the same temperature and a lower humidity, the weather will be hot but dry and you won’t sweat. The latter is the weather condition that is usually felt in the desert regions, i.e., high temperature but dry weather. Similarly, humidity is affected by various factors, such as costal and tropical climates. Finger Face Weather App will help you provide all the weather details and generally displays a graphical representation of what the weather feels.

Finger Face Weather App provides graphical representations of the weather in the form of a finger face character. This application is very simple to use as well as easy to understand. You are supposed to enter your location before you begin using the app. You could also set your specific location with the help of your phone GPS. You also need to enter the details about the temperature, whether you need it to be displayed in Fahrenheit or degree Celsius. This application provides the weather report for a week in advance. These weather predictions are 99% accurate.

If you are using an iPhone, you can download Finger Face Weather App from the app store. The app store also has several other weather applications that provide accurate weather reports. You could try the paid apps for accurately getting an understanding on the day’s weather. However, free apps also provide enough weather details required by an individual. These apps are a great way to enjoy the weather and get a head-start to the day. If you wish to get detailed information about the app weather, check out the websites of the applications.

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