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Is Your Article Topic New To You? How To Write About An Unfamiliar Topic (4 Tips!)

     Are you trying to write free reprint articles on a topic that is brand new to you or that you know very little about? This situation happens from time to time--perhaps you've got a new job where you're in charge of the online marketing for a business that sells products that you're not familiar with yet. Or maybe you're a freelance writer who has been hired to write content on a variety of topics that you're not familiar with.

In these situations, how can you write intelligently and produce valuable content that people will benefit from reading?

It takes a special approach, but you can definitely learn how to produce worthwhile content on this new topic you're writing about. Here are 4 tips for writing about unfamiliar topics:

1 - Write on the general niche of the website.

Recently I talked to a woman who had a new job at a company that sold photography equipment, specifically digital memory. Not only was she clueless about photography, but the thought of having to write endless articles about the dry topic of digital memory was daunting and depressing for her.

I'll tell you what I told her--you don't have to write on the specific thing that the website is about (in this case, digital memory). All you need to do is write on the general niche. In the example I just told you about, the general niche is photography. It's much easier to think of topics when you have a broader topic, such as photography, than a very specific one, such as digital memory.

2 - Learn as much as you can, and then turn around and teach the basic things that you learn.

Even if you have the goal of writing on the general niche, you still have a challenge in that you still don't know that much about that topic. What should you write about under that general niche when you don't know much to begin with?

Your job as a writer is to become a student of your niche. You're not just trying to learn though--you're learning with the intention of turning right around and teaching others through your articles.

Of course at the beginning all of your writing topics will be on a beginner level, because you're a beginner yourself. That is just fine, and it's even desirable; most of your readers will be beginners anyway. That you've just learned the information yourself and you remember what sorts of things confused you can help you be a more effective teacher. As a beginner, it's also impossible for you to teach over the heads of your readers, which is a plus.

3 - Read the marketing materials that your company provides.

Most companies will have already prepared lists of FAQs (frequently asked questions) and other types of material intended to educate potential customers. If you read over that material, you can get a jumpstart on your learning. You learn the things that most people are confused about, the types of questions that they ask, and the types of things that your company wants to help them with. You can then take what you learn and create unique articles.

4 - Concentrate on improving your writing and your ability to produce an educational article.

The thought of learning about a topic that you don't find interesting may be tedious or boring. When you're faced with the challenge of writing articles on a topic you're not familiar with, it's a great opportunity to improve your writing and teaching skills. Ideally, as you gain more skill and experience, you will be able to write on a variety of topics in an interesting way, whether the topic interests you personally or not.

Here are some final tips for writers writing on topics that are new to them:

* Only teach the things that you truly know about. It's okay to teach on really basic things.

* Convey information as clearly as possible. Think of yourself as basically holding the reader's hand as you walk him or her step-by-step through the thing you're teaching. You may not be the most knowledgeable person in your niche, but that doesn't mean that you can't be an effective teacher.

* Use terms and phrases that are as simple as they can be so that even beginners can easily follow your teaching. You don't want people to come away from one of your articles feeling like you're smart and they're stupid--complicated phrasing and incomplete directions confuse readers. The best outcome of one of your articles is that a beginner reads it and thinks, "Oh, that sounds simple enough. I can do that."

* Approach your article writing as a fellow student leading other students, rather than as a master teacher instructing beginners.

You don't need to know everything about your niche in order to write helpful articles. All you need to do is be a few steps ahead of the people you're teaching. The fact that the topic you're teaching about is new to you can actually help you to produce articles that are more effective at teaching the topic to beginners than if a veteran was writing them.

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