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It's Time To Counter The Counterreformation

     The protestant reformation was the result of the word of God, or the Bible, becoming available to the people. As the people read the Bible they became aware of pagan traditions that had infiltrated the early Christian church. When the people protested the pagan traditions that had entered the church literally millions of people were put to death in the name of Christianity. As the people studied the Bible under the direction of the Holy Spirit they became aware of errors that had entered the church. They broke away from the mother church and became separate denominations. As the people continued to study they received new light or understanding of the Scriptures. As a result more denominations came into existence. The forces of evil which had brought the pagan traditions and errors into the early Christian church initiated a counterreformation.

Just as persecution had spread the gospel of Jesus Christ in the early church the flames of persecution spread the Protestant Reformation. The forces of evil through the use of compromise were able to accomplish what they could not do through persecution. It became obvious to the forces of evil that if they were to be successful in a counterreformation, they would have to find a way to discredit the word of God or the Bible. Through the infiltration of secular education the forces of evil have been successful and placing worldly science above the word of God. We see the biblical account of creation replaced by a theory of evolution. We see the divinity of Christ being belittled as old-fashioned and not scientific. We see the law of God being trampled in the dirt as being outdated and no longer valid in our modern scientific society. Even in our Christian churches we see a form of godliness, but deny his power.

The greatest fear of the forces of evil is that you and I will follow the direction of the Holy Spirit and prayerfully study the word of God for ourselves. We like the reformers, will find that there is still error in the church today. We also will find that if you attempt to expose error you also will meet with resistance, hostility, and persecution. If you choose to stand with the early Christian church and the reformers of old and accept the Bible and the Bible only as the only authoritative rule by which to live you will meet opposition, but all the resources of heaven will be at your side. During the Reformation small groups of Christians would meet secretly and study the Scriptures and God blessed them with values and understandings that they were willing to die for. I can promise you that if you prayerfully study the word of God with an open mind that God will reveal to you beliefs about Him that need to be modified.

As you look at the uncertainties in the world around us today we can certainly see that things are not good. If you believe that Jesus Christ is the answer to the world's problems I invite you, whatever your faith, to start a small group Bible study. There are many television ministries that profess to be Christian that promote some very non-Christian values. I have listened to Christian radio and heard condemnation rather than love, intolerance and stead of tolerance, and exclusiveness rather than acceptance. Jesus Christ was crucified by the religious authorities of His day. I have asked many atheists to tell me about the God they don't believe in. I don't believe in the God they don't believe in either. The world misrepresents truth, takes the word of God out of context, and flat-out lies about Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ wants more than anything else to have an intimate personal loving relationship with you.

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If you believe that the word of God as an authority live by and would enjoy a closer walk with Jesus Christ I invite you to become involved in small group Bible study. For more information and resources please contact me at my website. Click on small group ministries and leave me a message or at least a comment and I will contact you by email. May God bless you.

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