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James Caan's Top Tips For Staying Focused On Getting That New Role

     When we hear the name James Caan, the words 'Dragon's Den', 'millionaire' and 'investor' springs to mind. But, he actually tasted his first flavour of success as the founder of recruitment company, Alexander Mann during his early twenties. He has since become one of UK's leading recruiters and currently, amongst other things, heads the IOR's expert panel.

In a fast paced industry like recruitment, it can be hard to stay focused on pursuing new career opportunities. Here are James Caan's top tips for staying focused so that you can make the most of the exciting ventures around you.

Create a killer CV

As a recruiter, you deal with CV's all the time so naturally, any recruiter looking at your CV will have high expectations. Caan claims that secret is to make it "interesting without giving too much away". You need to sell yourself in a way that makes your potential recruiter want to know more about you.

An opportunity to showcase your strengths is far more deal-clinching than an interview that simply confirms what an interviewer already knows about you.

Tailor your CV

It is all very well listing your skills and experience but, in order to make your application relevant and, to give your potential interviewer the confidence that you are right for the job, it is crucial that you include "how your skills will benefit the company, moreover how your skills will contribute to making the company more efficient and effective." After all, as you know, securing placements is about finding the right candidate for the job and the company. Caan offers valuable advice when he says it's all about "finding a need and filling it."

Make the company need you, not just want you.

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail

An employer wants to know that you are not applying for a job because you want a job. They want to know that you want their job. Doing your research is therefore an essential part of sealing the deal. Caan advises to "Research into the company and use all the information you gather to provide the raw material for asking questions and raising discussion points. Take note of relevant market trends and the company's competitors."

Using the research to tailor answers is one dimension on how it should be used but as Caan says, it should also be used to ask questions that not only give you an insight into the company you are intending to work for but also, demonstrates a keen and proactive approach from your side.

Use social networking to your advantage

Given that a successful career in recruitment thrives on building valuable and lasting relationships, demonstrating your networking skills is something that not only helps you stay focused in your recruitment career but also creates a positive professional image of you. This will inevitably work in your favour, especially if you are looking to join rec to rec agencies.

It is therefore important to use social networking sites like Twitter and LinkedIn to your advantage and, to consider them as much as your personal image as dressing the part when attending an interview.

Caan warns that you should "Remember, the company you are applying to may well be researching you, so ensure social networking sites and blogs reflect you in the best possible way".

Recruitment is a dynamic and fast paced industry - that's why you love it, right? Given its fast pace it is therefore crucial to stay focused and when seeking new opportunities. As one of UK's leading recruiter's with an impressive track record for success, James Caan's wise words are definitely worthwhile taking into consideration!

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Cheryl Wing is the M.D. of GSR2R and has over 12 years' experience running her own award winning Rec to Rec company that helps recruiters get the best roles in the industry. If you want a recruitment to recruitment agency that delivers contact Cheryl at

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