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Julienne Peeler and Its Uses

     One not so familiar kitchen tool that people may come across while cooking is the julienne peeler. The definition, description, uses and other information about it are presented below.

What is a julienne peeler? It is a kitchen tool made especially to help perform the act of julienning, meaning the process of slicing vegetables into thin, long strips. However, aside from the matchsticks-like products, some people can also make spiral-shaped cuts using it. A typical julienne peeler looks like a regular vegetable peeler. Examples of the vegetables that are commonly cut the julienne style are carrots, potatoes and zucchinis.

A julienne peeler can either be hand-held or mandoline. Hand-held peelers are the common ones. Their handles are usually located perpendicular to the blade. One of the two sides of the blade is flat while the other is uneven.

Mandoline slicers, on the other hand, are able to hold a number of adjustable and removable blades. They are more efficient compared to hand-held peelers because they can produce a lot of vegetable cut styles.

Hand-held peelers are more or less safer and easier to use. Compared to mandoline slicers that are quite bulky and come with blades that are relatively sharper, the hand-held ones are easier to handle and their blades generally have just the right degree of bluntness.

What are the uses of this peeler? First, it may be used to produce the thin vegetable strips needed as ingredients for some recipes. They are particularly famous among stir-fry dishes. An example is the dry-fried Szechuan Beef or Gan Bian Biu Rou Si, a famous Chinese dish.

This kitchen tool can also be used to make noodles. Some people have devised a technique wherein pasta can be made from vegetables, particularly zucchinis.

It can also produce vegetable garnishing for some dishes, especially pastas and salads. Some of the examples of these recipes are carrot salad with raisins and sherry vinegar, fresh tomato-basil-lemon zucchini pasta and Thai summer salad. The even cuts of vegetables add appeal and color to the dishes.

What are the advantages of using a julienne peeler? Through its help, even non-professional cooks will be able to achieve two essential characteristics of many delectable dishes - the consistent shape of the vegetable cuts and the appetizing look it gives off. If the ingredients have equal size, the distribution of the food's flavor will more likely be even as well. By the end of preparing the meal, the julienned vegetables will also have the same consistency. This also helps make the dish look more attractive and appetizing.

Where can people buy a julienne peeler? Many brands offer good quality peelers with various features. Usually, people can find a wide variety of them in kitchen supply and home department stores. There are also those who sell them online with even free delivery of the items.

This article is able to answer some basic questions about a julienne peeler. However, this is not enough if people intend to really use it. They should read more helpful tips and suggested steps on using this utensil , especially if they are not familiar with it.

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