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Kiosk - The Art Of Interaction

     What is a Kiosk?
Kiosk in old days used to be a small space used to provide services or sell some things. Later it involved providing leaflets, information, etc. But today, with a leap in technology kiosks have become a truly efficient tool with interactive technologies such as touch screens, large screens and projected screens.
Where do we use Kiosk?
Kiosks are used in several areas: Information Kiosk - Information kiosks just provide general information about virtually anything. Screens can vary from 10 inches to 80 inches.

Interactive Kiosk - Interactive kiosks allow much more information flow as per user's choice making interaction with the customer a key benefit.

Feedback Kiosk - Many airports, malls, hospitals, government offices, banks use kiosk for getting feedbacks, complaints and suggestion from their customers/visitors. Feedback kiosks also provide a benefit of collecting marketing data for promotions.

Banking Kiosk - Banks are updating and taking self-service seriously now. Earlier it was limited to ATMs, but now banks have started using Kiosks also. Kiosks are now used by banks for balance inquiries, queue management, cheque deposits, cash deposits, statement printing, loan status/application, debit card dispensing and encoding, etc. Integrating all of this in ATM gets costly, messy and also increases customer time on ATM which basically hinders major work of ATM which is paying cash.

Financial Kiosk - BFSI sector with non-banking products like insurance, wealth management and finance institutions are now using kiosk for cheque deposits, cash deposits, statement printing, fund switching, etc. making it very easy for users to do self-service thereby reducing customer's irritation of standing in long queues and also providing control to the user over some things.

Kiosk for Corporates and large companies - Never thought that large companies or corporates would use kiosk for anything. But it is true that corporates are using kiosk for effectively managing things. Corporates use kiosk for several purposes:
1. Human resource management i.e. HR kiosk, here employees can download and print payslips, fill appraisal forms, submit complaints/suggestions, look at company activity and plans, apply for leaves, etc.
2. Visitor Management - With increasing security, companies need to identify each visitor in the company and need his/her personal information. Visitor management kiosks scan user's documents, clicks photo and creates an instant visitor pass wherein all information is recorded for security reasons. Also, some of the visitor management kiosks provide security maps with a visitor pass for personnel safety.
3. Canteen Management - Several large companies have canteens and food courts and to manage them effectively kiosk and self-service is one of the best solution. It reduces time to take food and reduces queues. A user can make his choices and pay accordingly or it can be linked to several different payment types like direct deduction, fixed value card, etc.

Kiosk for Food Industry - With more fast food options and increasing salaries the concept of full service restaurant has been reduced making it more about self-service. However, I can bet that you must have experienced several times that you do not get what you ordered for. It has occurred to me several times where I said no cheese and the burger comes with cheese. Sometimes I have asked for no tomatoes but it comes with double tomatoes. To end these woes, kiosks are the best option allowing users to select what he wants and even build his own burger, pizza and pasta. The choices are selected and directly sent to the Kitchen. Most of the mistakes are done by the person who is taking your order but if the Kiosk is taking your orders, the chances of mistakes are only in the kitchen so at least it reduces chances of error in order to 50%. Also, it reduces time to order as you can see what is there and select as per your needs.

Transaction Kiosk - This is a major area where kiosks are common and slowly people are using it. Transaction kiosks are kiosk which can perform transactions like bill payment, mobile top-ups, wire transfers, money orders, etc. Transaction kiosks are widely used now days in several countries.

DVD Kiosk - Famous with one of the companies making it a big success, DVD renting has now been replaced with 24 hours self-service kiosk. What else would you need if you want to see the latest movie!

Production Planning Kiosk - Kiosks are now days also being used in production planning. It allows tracking of production happening on the production line and also provides clear images and instructions to operators about production schedules and items.

Production planning kiosks at quality gates ensures that the product matches the best quality and doesn't ignore any fault. Self-service is changing the way manufacturing used to happen, thereby reducing faults, errors, returns due to kiosk usage on the production floor. Ticket Booking and Check-in at airports - Kiosks are widely used for booking tickets instantly, check-in at the airport and generating boarding passes, luggage tags etc.

Several other uses of kiosk though used very less in specific geographies include scrap collection, donation and charity, hotel check-in, school fees and results, etc. Kiosks have a long way to go.

With advancements like projection kiosks, holographic kiosks, bio kiosks and solar kiosks, it is sure that kiosks are going to be a much more useful and reliable self-service option in the coming years.

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