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Know About Traditional African Art

     When most people think of traditional African art, the beautiful and elaborate masks usually come to mind. While the African masks are a large part of the art from this continent they only represent a small part of the widely diverse types of work. Traditional African art varies in its composition, religious or social meaning, and types of materials used from region to region. In addition to being an art form rich in culture and beauty, African art has influenced modern art in a number of important ways.

Not only was traditional African art created to express emotion and cultural issues, in some cases it was made to be useful. Craftsmen and artisans often made things of great beauty to be functional as well. It wasnít uncommon for an artist to make amazing textile products that often became ceremonial clothing or to be made into sacred pouches for various religious occasions. Artists also worked as tailors and seamstresses, as others specialized in weaving and spinning. Depending on the need and the talent of artistís, creating ornamental and functional pottery fell to those who worked with metal, clay, and wood. These African artists in the Diaspora created a division of traditional African art all their own.

Masks arenít the only art form to be worn in ceremonial practices either. Many African artists were called on to create other types of pieces for ceremonies. Some of the ceremonies in which traditional black African art was worn were harvest, and rain ceremonies, as well as wedding celebrations and New Year festivals. This art took form in breastplates and special jewelry. Most of these objects were made of wood or metal. When not in use, these magnificent works of art were carefully stored and treated with a near religious fervor.

Like most societies, those in positions of power were gifted with some of the most spectacular of the traditional African art. An example of this preferential treatment can be seen in Kente cloth. This cloth was woven specifically for the political leaders of the Ashanti state. The cloth was always brightly colored and had gold thread interwoven into the pattern. In other regions, court artists were commissioned to create sculpture of wood, metal, or clay to pay homage to the royal family and important officials. Today these works are useful in learning more about ancient African culture before colonization took place.

It would be difficult to overlook the masks that came from Africa. The exaggerated eyes and facial expressions of these masks are known throughout the world. This form of traditional African art work was created with feathers and other small items of cultural significance. The construction was usually bronze, wood, or other metals.

Traditional African art is one of the most influential and copied art forms. It has captured the imagination and admiration of modern artists for generations. It teaches of a culture long gone, of traditions forgotten, and proves that ancient Africans had a vital, civilized society before Europeans colonized its shores. Traditional African art is an amazing example of well-made, meaningful artwork.

Mr. Moyo Ogundipe has a Bachelors of Arts degree in Fine Art from the University of Ife, Ile-Ife, Nigeria and a Master of Fine Art degree in Painting from The Hoffberger School of Painting, Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore, USA.

One of Africaís most celebrated and renowned artists, Mr. Ogundipe has exhibited extensively in Africa, Europe and the USA. His African oil paintings have been described as hypnotic, colorful and densely patterned.

In 1996, Mr. Ogundipe was awarded the Pollock-Krasner Fellowship. And in 2005 he was invited to become a member of Africobra, an organization founded in the 1960s and whose membership comprises of distinguished African-American artists.

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Mr. Moyo Ogundipe has a Bachelors of Arts degree in Fine Art from the University of Ife, Ile-Ife, Nigeria. He is experienced in Traditional African Art, Modern African American Art . He has done many African Paintings and aftican art.Buy African paintings Online.

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