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Knowing Your Real Audience Will Improve Your CPA Website

     One of the best things about doing CPA website design is the challenge of working out each client's target audience. Each accounting business is distinct, and a site needs to be designed to lure that specific practice's prospective clients. OK, I actually have a standard template that I begin with. It's not cost effective to start from scratch with every website. If I didn't use a starting template each set-up would cost thousands of dollars. I have to start somewhere. No company matches even the best template completely, though. In every case it's necessary for the site owner to modify the base template to better suit their business.

Some firms have very unusual practices. These tend to be a lot more work, but they're also a lot of fun. I've done all manner of these, and whenever I think there's nothing new under the sun another client comes along and throws a curve ball at me. Some are pretty common. Construction accounting websites lead the pack, followed closely by bilingual sites. Many accounting website designs focus on a particular industry specialty. Hotels and restaurants are common. I've also designed specialty sites for accounting firms specialized in car dealerships, vineyards, funeral homes, and many others. There's even a fellow out in California with a practice focused on athletes and entertainers.

So... Step One... Identify your target market. This will allow you designer to add content and write copy that will appeal to your prospects. This isn't a complicated or difficult process, but it is a process that gets overlooked a lot. The big advantage to having an industry specialty is that the client doesn't need to teach you her business. Illustrate this by using common problems the owners of these businesses face as talking points. For example, my target audience is accountants so I increase my support hours and do everything I can to avoid bothering them during tax season.

A friendly site is much better for conversions than a "l33t" one. An elegant design is fine, but be careful about making it intimidating. People don't like to call people they don't know, and a friendly looking website full of smiling, easy to relate to people will go a long way to easing a prospects natural fear of strangers. Write your content at about a sixth grade level. If you write over your prospect's head you'll very likely leave them feeling frustrated, confused, or (worse yet) stupid. Accounting website templates, even mine, come with lot's of stock photos of thin professionals with fifty dollar haircuts. Replace them with real pictures of yourself and your staff. The stock photos help me sell websites, but it's much better to have real pictures that people can relate to. It's not a matter of being pretty. You just need to be there. It gives people a sense of empowerment to feel like they know you before they call, and pictures can help them in this respect.

You need to work out your target audience from the start. Before you even write the first line of html take the a few moments to recognize who your accounting website design should aim at. Sustain your attention on the clientele and the calls will roll in much more rapidly.

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Brian O'Connell is the President and founder of CPA Site Solutions, one of the country's largest website businesses oriented solely to accounting website design.

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