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Laser Hair Removal - Nd:YAG Laser for Dark Skinned Patients

     Laser hair removal is an increasingly popular form of hair removal mainly becuase it comes with a promise of offering long term permanent hair reduction. For those who go through the palava of waxing every two weeks, shaving and other forms of hair removal, the promise of long term reduction is a very enticing one.

Convetionally, laser hair removal has only ever been suitable for those with light skin and dark hair. This is due to the way in which laser hair removal works: A concentrated beam of light is fired into the hair follicle and is absorbed by a substance called melalin at the base of the hair. This in turn heats up to around 70 degrees centegrate - just enough to thermally denature the hair follicle to prevent any kind of regrowth.

However, melalin is a substance that is responsible for dark skin - those people who have anything but light skin are running a risk of burns and lesions by having laser hair removal performed. However, more recently a new laser has been introduced called the Nd: YAG laser. This laser works in a very different way to the other types of laser because instead of targeting melalin, it targets another chromophore which has a very different optimum absorption wavelength.

When using an Nd: YAG laser - the physician applies a carbon based solution to the site of treatment. The carbon in the solution then seeps down into the follicle and rests at the base of the hair. The laser is then set at the optimum wavelength for carbon absorption. When the carbon absorbs the laser, it heats up to a temperature that is high enough for the hair follicle to be denatured thus preventing further hair growth.

The obvious advantage of performing laser hair removal like this is that the laser can pass through the skin without any kind of epidermal damage due to a much higher wavelength setting. This means that darker skinned people with higher levels of melalin are suitable for this kind of treatment.

This comes as a bit of a breakthrough in laser hair removal because previously people with dark skin were strongly advised to not undergo any form of laser treatment. As times are changing and the technology is advancing, it seems that more and more people are going to be able to be treated and receive a longer duration of hair removal.

As the technology is fairly new, there haven't been many tests to show just how effective this form of laser hair removal is. Some tests have reported a 100% regrowth after 6 months while others show a reduction of 60% after three months. As with all types of laser hair removal, the Nd: YAG offers subjective results - it's impossible to predict how your body will react to the treatment without actually simply going through with it.

It is, however, encouraging to see that scientists are coming up with inventive ways of creating new and safer methods of hair removal for darker skinned individuals. Let's see what the next few years of innovation will bring for more effective forms of hair removal treatment.

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