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Local SEO: Do You Have the Backlinks You Need?

     Local SEO campaigns should always employ the use of backlinks. Seen as one of the main building blocks to any robust SEO campaign, backlinks (or inbound links), are incoming links to a website. Why are backlinks important in local SEO marketing? They are typically one of the most significant factors for determining a website's search engine ranking because a large number of backlinks from quality sources is an indication of your website's popularity and legitimacy. This means that in order for your company's website to appear organically in top local search results, your website must have the right amount of backlinks - in addition to other optimizations.

Backlinks and other methods of improving your local SEO results can be an unpredictable process that is difficult to achieve, especially when many other aspects of your marketing strategy demand your time and attention. This is why working with a local SEO expert can be an ideal way for your business to ramp up marketing efforts and get found in search. Using a data-driven approach, an internet marketing firm can help your business optimize your website for local search, improving your listing results and helping you get found by customers who are nearby and ready to make a purchase. SEO marketing tactics, such as creating quality blog posts featuring key phrases that focus on industry trends and improving the number of backlinks leading to your website can help your business rise to the top of local search results.

Not only does the right amount of backlinks help with local SEO results, these backlinks must also come from high-quality sources. Quantity and quality definitely are not synonymous, especially in the case of digital marketing. What do we mean by "quality sources"? Basically, your company wants backlinks to your site that come from reputable websites which feature content that is directly related to your company's products or services. If backlinks are found on websites with content not related to your website's, those backlinks are typically considered lower quality and therefore less relevant. Some industry experts have pointed out that getting just a few backlinks from very authoritative sites will improve your pagerank in search much faster than getting hundreds of backlinks from low quality sites.

One way to achieve quality backlinks, and therefore improve your local SEO results, is through reciprocal linking. Marketing directors of different organizations may agree to link to each other's sites in blog posts or other digital marketing channels. However, this can get tricky because the backlinks must come from websites whose information is relevant to your own, or else the backlinks will not help your local SEO pagerank. Additionally, the anchor text in backlinks should incorporate keywords relevant to your website in order to have the greatest impact on your local search results.

If the waters of backlinks and local SEO seem a bit muddy to you, perhaps it's time you considered working with a local SEO firm. These marketing professionals understand the nuances of digital marketing and local SEO, and can help customers find your business. That way, you can focus on what you do best - serving your customers and exceeding their expectations.

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