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Make Data Entry Jobs Easy With ABBYY OCR Software Solutions

     Currently, the market is filled with a variety of optical character recognition (OCR) software that can be used by businesses for data entry jobs. But just because there are many of them does not mean that firms should select the first OCR service they come upon. The mere fact is that OCR is an essential part of any organization and should thus be capable of rendering users accurate and quality conversions. ABBYY OCR services are among the most considered in the industry.

Understanding ABBYY OCR Services

ABBYY OCR service has been helping hundred thousands, if not millions of individuals and businesses all throughout the world for quite some time now. A lot of companies, organizations and individuals can now scan and convert the scanned images into text or words, saving them time managing their documents. Whether your purpose is to back up data and make it searchable or converting older documents into a digital one or could be converting books in order for them to be reprinted, OCR has helped ensure written word's future.

ABBYY OCR process is no secret. It is even simple to recognize how it works too. Predominantly, the genius lies within inimitably developed application that is utilized by document scanning companies and organizations in order to extract data from documents or pages. If you need hand written documents to be converted into a searchable digital one then this is not OCR anymore but manual data capture.

OCR only involves the extraction of fonts as well as typed data. Generally, the process entails, scanning, production of digital images and data extraction. Initially, you need to have your document scanned thoroughly. You can do this by using a quality document scanner that is capable of scanning at low or high resolutions in black and white, colored or grayscale.

Grayscale is highly recommended but you can use colored, of course, for graphs and images. Once you have scanned all your documents, you can then send the digital images into ABBYY OCR software to have the data extracted. It is either you opt to have an OCR software on your own or for your firm or use ABBYY online OCR service.

Online OCR Service

ABBYY FineReader Online is what many organizations are up to in order to convert their documents and images into editable text. What is so good about this service is that you can access it wherever you are. FineReader will allow you to convert files in BMP, PCX, PNG, DjVu, GIF, DCX, JPEG, TIFF or JPEG 2000 format. Most books that are being distributed over the Web are saved in DjVu format, which cannot be run by most e-book readers.

With FineReader Online, you will be able to convert books that are in DjVu format into PDF or other formats of your choice. You can also convert PDF files into Microsoft Word or Excel formats for easy updating and editing. As you convert PDF to text, ABBYY online OCR service preserves the formatting and layout of the original document, saving you time reformatting and retyping the digital output.

If you are looking for information on Document Scanning Software and Document Imaging, click on the links.

If you are looking for information on Document Scanning Software and Document Imaging, click on the links.

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If you are looking for information on Document Scanning Software and Document Imaging, click on the links.

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