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Make Your Own Custom Shower Curtains

     Why settle for shower curtains matched to the taste and style of someone else when you can easily create your own custom shower curtains that are as unique as you are? Making your own is not as difficult as you may think. This can be a great way to express yourself, and is often less expensive than purchasing ready-made made shower curtains.

First, pick fabric with a picture or pattern that you like. If your chosen fabric has a pattern of some sort on it, make sure the pattern repeats at least once. Feeling super creative? You can just pick the color you want and create your own design with fabric paint once you've cut the fabric so that your new curtain doubles as a work of art.

Next, you will want to cut the fabric. You will need to cut the fabric into two panels, each panel being 88 inches each. You want to be able to allow about 8 inches of hem on both sides. Next take one of the two panels and cut it in half, lengthwise.

Take each of the half panels and pin the right side of the each half panel to the right side of the full panel. You will want to be careful to make the patterns line up for greater aesthetic appeal. Now you will need some needle and threat.

Now you want to sew the panels together with a half inch seam allowance along the selvage edge. In case you are unfamiliar with what a "selvage edge" is, it is the outside edge of fabric when it's on the bolt, most often the selvage edge is white and usually has some sort of writing on it.

On each side, you will want to fold the fabric over 1/2 inch, then a second 1/2 inch. Hem these edges together to create the side hems. At what will be the top of your shower curtain, turn the edge under 1 inch, then a second inch. Hem this together and then look at the bottom of the shower curtain. You will again fold the fabric over twice on the bottom side, but this time you will want to fold it 3 inches each time rather than one. Hem this closed and your shower curtain is very close to being finished! Give yourself a congratulatory pat on the back!

During this sewing step, you may consider sewing weights or magnets into the bottom of your curtain to help keep it from easily floating off of the shower. Simply sew each weight or magnet into its own little pocket.

Now you have a nice shower curtain but no way to hang it. This is taken care of simply. All you need to do is to add grommets or button holes along the top edge of the for the shower curtain rings. Generally, you want to start with the first hole on each end to be about 3 inches in, then create another hole every six inches, leaving plenty of space between each ring once hung.

You can now add any additional little extras, such as bows or other bits of decoration. Now the last step is to simply hang it up and enjoy!

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David Sheath is greatly experienced in the photo gifts industry. His website Make Your Own Gift Ideas offers more than 400 fully customizable products, including affordable personalized shower curtains that can be easily personalized with your own photos, logos, designs and text.

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