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Make Your Own Gift: It Can Be Great Fun And It's Very Rewarding

     Although, more often than not, we all seem to have a tough time coming up with suitable gift ideas for our friends and family, there is an easy way to turn it from a chore to a great deal of fun! Don't believe me? Read on and learn just how easy it really is!

If you're worried about other people thinking of and buying the same gifts as you, you need to be introduced to photo gifts; photo gifts allow you to make your own gift with the minimum of effort, a gift that nobody else can possibly replicate!

Simply put, photo gifts allow you to choose from hundreds of fully customizable products that you can personalize with your own photos, logos, designs and text. By using your own images it is guaranteed that you can make your own design and it will always be totally unique.

The fun part is making your own "one of a kind" creations; if you have never made your own customized photo gifts before you will be amazed at how fulfilling it is, not to mention the stunning looks of your finished product!

The rewarding part is seeing the look on the recipient's face when you give them your carefully crafted gift; people adore personalized gifts, they demonstrate to them how much you think of them and show them that you have put a great deal of thought and effort into your gift giving.

Some of the more popular photo gift products include…..

Phone Cases

Just about everyone owns a cell phone these days - all you need do is check the make and model of their phone and you're on your way to coming up with your first personalized gift. Once you know the make and model, all you have to do is find an online photo gifts store that offers custom phone cases for that model of cell phone.

Your next step is to come up with a suitable design for the person in question - if they are a parent or grand-parent you can't go far wrong if you stick to the world's most popular designs - photos of children and grand-children.

Simply upload your photo to the website, add it to the phone case, then, optionally, if you choose, you can add some text, maybe the recipient's name or perhaps the name(s) of the child(ren). Review your personalized phone case in the online preview provided by the store, then assuming you are happy with it, pay for it and in a couple of weeks your "one of a kind" custom gift will arrive on your doorstep.

Canvas Prints

Most people like a nice canvas print, especially if it features something personal, maybe a family gathering, a portrait or a picture of their home. They look great hanging over the fireplace and therefore make a wonderful gift idea for just about anybody. Best of all, it's easy to turn any photo into a really impressive canvas print!

Before ordering a canvas print, take the time to read the details carefully to ascertain whether your art piece comes framed or not. If you buy an unframed print you will need to get it framed or stretched onto a hanger after you receive it - be aware that it can cost you a lot of money to get it framed locally.


Most of us have a need for an umbrella from time to time, so you can be confident that if you decide on a personalized umbrella for a gift idea it is likely to get used. There are several different types of custom umbrellas available to you, including; folding umbrellas that are most suitable for women, as they fit nicely in a handbag, traditional "hook handle" umbrellas that work well for men and golf umbrellas, that make a perfect gift idea for any avid golfer, male or female!

When it comes to design ideas the best way to go is "know your person", what are their likes and dislikes, what hobbies do they enjoy, what is their favorite color etc? Regarding the golf umbrella, the most popular design is to decorate it with their golf club logo…..

The bottom line

The purpose of this article was to illustrate how rewarding it can be if you make your own gift featuring a meaningful design - if you decide to give it a try I am confident you will have great fun in the process!

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Learn how to Make Your Own Design without the need to possess any artistic skills. David Sheath's website, Make Your Own Gift offers 400+ custom products that can all be personalized with your own photos, logos, designs & text. He makes it easy to Make Your Own Gift with just a few clicks of your mouse.

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