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Microsoft's Past And Google's Fate

     For Google, you always have something to say. Google's hardcore fans, there is some confusion in the face of the recent expansion of Google fans more heard Google name concerned about them, and duty-bound to become a new fan of ...

Everyone likes to compare Google and Microsoft, than to than to, come to the conclusion Google is a good company than Microsoft. I see that this conclusion is a bit premature.

Brilliant deja vu

Google listed, seems to have responded to the Netscape Internet boom in 1995 set off. Google's products, the one we love, as if to a Golden Age.

Think of Microsoft in the past, more brilliant. The old days, the computer industry's oldest IBM weight when we breathe, "small" and "innovation" Microsoft to the generation of programmers hope. Still recall the August 24, 1995, the entire CN Tower in Toronto, Windows 95 banner wrapped up the Empire State Building quintana brush out the three colors of the Windows 1995 release of Windows 95. This code named Chicago operating systems, is the pursuit of the goal of many people.

When out of the OLE technology, it allows the user to the object copy can be copied from one application to another application; COM so that an application can control another, not to say Windows 3.1 color splash screen and Windows 95 Start button brings impact. It all out when Google released a product, a little less at the time were in hot pursuit of the degree. Just these terms, some yellow, can not remember.

Innovation and Darwinism

Google is innovative, both search engine or the recent spate of new products launched, so that everyone's eyes lit up, and then lit until dazzling. The famous 20% of the time is to support this innovative mechanism discretionary.

Microsoft is also innovative. Innovation, it has been in Microsoft's blood inside. Microsoft internal Darwinism (natural selection, survival of the fittest), from the Windows 95 era to the present, has never changed. - Michael Drummond wrote "the Microsoft empire rebellious" tells the story of three engineering OpenGL group insisted that the world, more than OpenGL graphics engine for Windows systems, thus setting off a Microsoft internal war, secretly developing DirectX engine. War ultimately more internal departments adopt faster and more simple DirectX instead of OpenGL, and OpenGL group eventually transformed into the DirectX groups ended. All the internal innovation story has a lot of the book chronicles.

Microsoft's products the brutal internal competition, how many teams are less than ready for release, has been internal eliminated. Too many people have not heard of products, laid off after the internal Darwinian competition. The same kind of technology, a number of departments at the same time R & D, who found more internal or external products based on the technology development, who will be able to survive. Degree of discretion to choose what kind of technology, but also no less external company, because if there is no future for the technology of their choice means bleak future products. On the thousands of NetDoc team, is to beat Microsoft's own Office results after three years, Office scheduled released Office XP, and have not had time to release NetDoc was dissolved. The application on this basis, and also will be dissolved or merged. These sacrificial victims who is in the internal assessment plugging pressure in a technically. Microsoft internal team should sell their own products in-house, no collaborators, no users, there is no future.

Changing times

An era, gave birth to a company. A new era, and it gave birth to the company will have greater appeal. Apple's Steve Jobs saying "you hope life selling sugar water, or hope to have the opportunity to change the world?" Scully did not hesitate entered the personal computer industry from the position of CEO of Pepsi. An industry replaces the traditional mainstream of the industry, said fast unhappy, change is always so unknowingly, not listed or product release time to do this flag, most people lost in context; said slow nor slow, Microsoft The glorious myth seems most unlikely to change in the computer industry has changed in just a decade, the only real danger not have predicted that the United States Department of Justice.

Microsoft's success is that when the the Internet tide of arrival, and continues on a glorious era, has not been accompanied by the dead. Netscape listed in 1995, Microsoft first no action. Significantly behind when Bill Gates, Bill - that long letter written in December 7: The Tide of spring tide of the Internet (the Internet), Microsoft aboard the aircraft carrier like a torpedo-like 180-degree turn to the Internet direction sprang. This day meaningful touches election. On this day, the anniversary of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. The day after the Internet Explorer team expanded rapidly, and 7 days a week, more than a dozen hours a day of hard work for two years to 98 years, has not too Netscape's market. Looking back at history, Microsoft as a company has done has already been very easy.

Google's threat

Recently more and more people feel that to start mentioning Google's threat. In fact, Google did not do anything wrong, just as Microsoft did not do anything wrong, just that it is more and more powerful, into more and more areas, so that more and more people began to feel afraid. Am afraid you may not, but tomorrow? More frightening is the transcript of Google is very good, do too good, so that all people are adamant that if Google do certainly succeed. Like Microsoft only when the operating system, in addition to IBM worried everyone happy. Slowly, Microsoft office software, do the database to do the mail system, do home entertainment, each gave the industry as shock one, friends become enemies, enemies one by one by the market forced friends. Last year, Microsoft began to spread to do to kill the virus software, a move for Microsoft Giants so small, so that all existing anti-virus software vendors feel his scalp tingling, not for anything else, is a success because it had done too , gives the pressure.

Said product, single recruit people for IT managers how much confidence that employees can withstand the temptation of Google's? If developers are good enough and fortunate enough to fancy by Google, so fear not worried? Such talented people from all sides to Google gather the scenes, people come to realize that ever staged in just 10 years ago, but then let the industry is worried that Microsoft Bale. Google does not feed the aura of nature in there, enters the field of this game, it is not the original cute Google. Users choose Google touches relaxed, and manufacturers in the industry do to the enemy or friend, this is a problem. Because of a growing company, will one day come back to you one-third of an acre of land. Google as the company did not do anything wrong, it would be wrong in that it is home too successful companies. When some tension, if the entire IT session are nervous for a company, the company is the enemy of the people. This is referred to as the "evil" Microsoft history tells us. Google is able to escape this fate?

Natural cycle of

A company, like a person, like anything in the natural, there is a life cycle. When his vibrant, like child care toddler cute, but not the day really coming, although everyone knows that the old man must always feel a long way off. Flowers today, not in the next year; see the wood now, 100 years may not be complete wood. Company now, there is always an adult day aging. But this cycle, faster and faster. Old are hundreds of century-old, thousands of years old, just because "Zhang Xiaoquan scissors from the Ming Dynasty to the present or the scissors, the duck or the duck in Quanjude centuries, how much the ups and downs of the business are slowly cycle are We are not aware of the speed to finish. Century-old after a hundred years, he took die, life does not in the same breath. IT industry, a year or two can be a new product; to the Internet, is a couple of months there will be a big change. Acceleration of product development for the company's rise and fall along with accelerated before us life but a hundred years people fortunate enough to experience one by one, from childhood to youth to old age reincarnation.

IBM represents an achievement of large computer hardware industry, did not expect was a only software Microsoft beyond; Microsoft represents an achievement of platforms and software systems, this achievement While we are waiting for, is not more software enterprises beyond (Linux is one of these because of the inertia of thought favored), I did not expect from the Internet industry will blaze a black horse named Google. Google beyond whom, is unclear. The ideological inertia is always so let us by surprise.

Google is a good company like Microsoft has been nice, more like the same computer as the stars in history exist or is no longer famous company is a good company. However, fate or destiny. Saw a lot of human life and death, we know that people will die. People dead, never to necrosis or Bensi, but fate; good company of the dead, although all sorts of different causes, but it is the natural cycle of nature.

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