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Minimize Your Dog's Odor---5 Ways To Keep Your Home Smelling Fresh

     Loving a dog and living with them in your home should not mean that you have to choose between having a pet and a home that smells good. You can have both. Here are 5 things you can do to stay on top of the odor in your home.

Crate Train---If your pooch is making mistakes in the house, this is the way to go. If you have never used this method for house breaking, it may seem like it's not a very nice way to treat a dog…..putting it in a cage. Actually dogs feel very safe and secure there, and it is a place that they are unlikely to soil.

You will need to be there to let them out periodically so that they do not make mistakes in the crate. First stop out of the crate should be outside so they connect elimination with outside only. Positively reward them with praise and a treat once they eliminate appropriately outside. Make this a pattern and your pooch will catch on quickly.

Expand Boundaries Gradually---Once your dog is reliable in the crate, expand the areas where he/she is allowed to go. Our crate was kept in the kitchen so that even though confined they were still in an area where we spent most of our time. Making them feel connected emotionally is an important part of the training as well. A strong bond will make them want to please you, and you to please them (spoil them maybe?).

Clean Regularly---Living with a dog means more cleaning if you want your house to continue to look fresh and inviting. Vacuum to take out excess hair and dander. A HEPA vacuum will have a filter that will stop particles from being circulated back into the air.

Wash pet bedding often to minimize the mite population. They are killed by sunlight. The sun can deliver a double blow with light and heat. The light kills them and the heat will dry up their water source;a double whammy.

Neutralize and eliminate spots where mistakes occur. And if you have carpet, have it professionally cleaned once your dog becomes reliable. Area rugs are a good idea and should be washed frequently.

Regular Baths---Some of the odor that you may smell is not urine odor. Dog-lovers know it as a salty dog smell, or just plain doggy smell. Don't freak out, but some of us pet-lovers find it strangely comforting. But since friends, family, and other guests who visit don't have the same emotional ties to your pet, they probably won't be able to ignore a smell that's less than fresh.

This odor often results from the oil produced by the sebaceous glands. Don't be surprised about it when you live with a dog. But you can reduce this by adopting a regular schedule of baths. Get recommendations from your vet that are specific to your dog in terms of products and frequency of baths.

Filter The Air---Using a heavy-duty air cleaner to get rid of doggy smell, urine odor, hair, and the invisible dander will keep your home smelling fresh regardless of what has happened with your pooch while you were away.

The cleaner should have a carbon enhanced filter for eliminating the ammonia that off-gases from urine. Carbon filters all kinds of odors so it will take out general doggy odor as well.. A HEPA or high efficiency particle arresting filter is essential for removal of airborne particulates that are invisible such as dander, and airborne bacteria and viruses that are .3 microns or greater.

It is essential that the unit have pre-filters to take the visible particles in the air such as hair and fur. And even though the pollutants from your pooch may be your main concern, these filters will take out normal household pollutants and allergens as well.

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