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Ordinary Men, Extraordinary Role Models

     Media today is constantly bombarding our children with images and messages of how they should act and how they should dress. Even Disney shows like Hannah Montana that we assume would be fine for our children to watch, portray a girl that has a hard time hearing the word "no" and often dresses much older than her age would warrant. While they do try to put a lesson of some kind in these TV shows, it still sends our children the message that they should look or act like the TV star.

Kids today need someone they can look up to, someone who can set a real example for them. While TV stars may be more popular, and are certainly in the news and tabloids more, they often are not the best examples for our kids. Our kids need to be introduced to ordinary everyday heroes like firefighters and police officers as people to look up to.

Police officers and firefighters are just ordinary people, but to anyone who has used their services whether voluntarily or not, will tell you different. To these people, they are heroes. They have dedicated years of their lives to keeping us safe no matter where in the country we live. There efforts have made a huge difference in the lives of many of us.

Several officers and firefighters upon leaving the force will look for ways to continue to serve the public, public service is in their blood and they don't want to give it up even though they are no longer part of the force. One outlet for their skills where some choose to use their training and experience is to produce emergency vehicles for the government. Such vehicles include trailers used by FEMA, SWAT vehicles, mobile crime labs and many other vehicle types.

While a life spent working on the police force or fire station can be a career and life well spent for many, the step to create emergency vehicles takes a life well spent a step even further. Activities such as this are more than enough to classify any one of these men and women as a home town hero. There are others who can classify themselves as heroes for very different reasons.

The charitable giving that so many of these individuals have done over the years can without a doubt make a difference in many lives. They support children in Africa, charities in their own communities, and many children's care and research centers. They may not be able to cure cancer or provide everything someone might need, but they give what they can and encourage everyone they know to do the same.

A good role model doesn't have to be someone you see on TV every other day or who is constantly in the tabloids. In fact, as police officers and firefighters have shown us, sometimes it is the ordinary people who make the best role models. Role models for our kids should simply be someone who does their best and gives their all every day, and that's what these ordinary everyday heroes do.

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For those who enjoyed the preceding post, it is easy to go and take a look at additional comparable articles at Henri Degre or this Henri Degre Site.

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