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Our Hyper-Security Obsessed World Gives You Great Publicity Opportunities

     It's no secret that we've evolved into a hyper-security obsessed society. While you may be in favor of or opposed to it, it presents many great publicity opportunities.

I remember back to a few years after the World Trade Center attacks. I had just returned from speaking at a seminar in Las Vegas. I stayed at one of the major hotels on the Las Vegas strip. I ran into something that was annoying and disturbing. I also saw great publicity opportunities in this situation.

Every time a car would drive into the hotel, it would be stopped and the driver would have to open the trunk for inspection. Every single time that car drove into the hotel it would be inspected again.

As I waited on the "inspection" line, I watched what was going on. The person doing the inspection would lift the trunk lid, look inside and then wave the driver on. Now some of you may be saying: "Oh, they're doing that for the safety of the hotel guests." You're being sucked in by this nonsense, Shame on you.

What were they looking for? They simply looked in the trunk. They didn't open any bags. They didn't scan anything. They didn't have a metal detector, nothing. They just looked in the trunk.

I spoke with one of the employees. I asked what he was looking for. He said he was looking for weapons or anything else that could cause a problem. I reminded him that all he did was look in the trunk, not in the suitcases, bags, etc. He shrugged his shoulders and said: "I know". So, if you pull into the hotel with a trunk full of machine guns, you won't be allowed in. But if you put them in a suitcase, you're fine, How absolutely ridiculous.

This is a beautiful hotel with excellent service and friendly employees. But it wasn't for me. I left after one night and went to a less restrictive hotel. So, where's the publicity opportunity? It's actually been staring you in the face for the past three years - probably more. Ever since September 11, we've become a neurotic, ever-suspicious people. Everyone is an enemy. We've become an "Us against them" society - and everyone is "them".

We have no more trust in each other. We're constantly on the lookout for suspicious characters, questionable actions, dangerous packages. We spend more time looking over our shoulders than looking straight ahead. Are you seeing the publicity opportunities here? If not, I'll continue.

We're very willing to give up lots of our rights and freedom in order to get what's supposed to be "security". I fly a lot. I'm stunned to see how willing people are to subject themselves to incredible invasions of privacy in the name of so-called "security".

We're edging toward a time when we no longer are simply suspicious of everyone else, we actually hate each other. Don't think it's happening? Look around again, Scooter. We try to use our credit card. We need photo ID.

Just because some clerk behind a counter demands photo ID for some transaction, we feel we're obligated to give it. Just because someone with some kind of uniform and some kind of badge asks us questions, we feel we're obligated to answer. Did you read the patch on that uniform, Skippy? It says: "Bargain Basement Security Agency". The badge says nothing. It's just got designs on it. Who the hell is this person and why should you have to answer their questions?

A while back Mary and I went on a cruise. The parking lot attendant (yes, the parking lot attendant) wanted photo ID, information about what we did for a living and why we were going on the cruise. I asked to speak with the manager and told him what happened. He glared at the attendant, told him he'd speak with him in a minute, apologized and wished us a happy cruise - without requiring answers to any questions. People with no authority at all are grabbing authority with reckless abandon. And some of you are falling for it. Are you seeing the publicity opportunities yet?

What I'm saying is nothing new. You've probably heard all this dozens of times. You've read about it in the paper. You've heard about it on radio and TV. So why am I repeating it? Because there are lessons in everything. You may miss those lessons because you're focused in the wrong direction. So, hey, did you figure out the enormous number of publicity opportunities in all this?

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