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Painted, Embroidered, And Photo Handbags

     People are always looking for new and creative ways to permanently install the best of memories into their everyday lives. The most common way to do that is through photography and artwork, but in recent years people have been incorporating their photographs and art into more personal items like mugs, quilts, blankets, clothes, etc. The normal photo album of vacations, family gatherings, and special events just isn't cutting it for the modern day individual any longer. Artwork such as paintings and embroidered-works in a frame are not always those most satisfying of ways of showing off the talent. They want something more unique, more charismatic, such as painted, embroidered, or photo handbags; totally customized for and by their owners.

Purses have been around for centuries. There is no known particular inventor of them, so whether the inventor was a man or woman remains a mystery. They come in all sizes, shapes and colors, and are made from an unlimited number of different materials. Plastic, cotton, and polyester are the most used materials for the cheaper bags. Leather, snakeskin, mink, and other animal skins are used for the more expensive ones. Regardless of what they are made of, they all serve the same purpose; the storage of personal property that must be carried with the person throughout the day, every day.

In this day and age, purses are also used as a fashion statement for women. Like everything else in a busy woman's life; what she wears, what she drives, her hairstyle and make-up, ultimately present her persona as a whole. It is nearly impossible to spot a woman out and about without her purse. Regular bags are not generally accepted as creative expressions of one's individuality, but once an effort is made to improve the over-all essence of them and given a meaning, it becomes a whole different thing.

People love to take their ordinary handbags and make them more personal to express themselves. Altering the less expensive bags is the way to go, as the more high-quality ones are very hard to change because of the materials they are made out of. One way that enables people to express their artistic abilities is by hand-painting designs on plastic-made purses with the appropriate materials that would not damage the bag itself. For cotton bags, embroidering artwork into the material is possible. People also take white cotton tote bags and dye them to whatever color they desire.

One also has the option of having a bag customized by computer technology, if painting, dyeing, and embroidery are out of the question. People have the option of choosing whatever they want to have put on their bags. Whether there is a famous picture that serves as a reminder of an important time in life, or a personal photo that does not seem to be justified sitting in a lone wallet or on a wall that no one looks at. A moment in time forever frozen in a single frame may be utilized in the form of special gifts, such as photo handbags that depict wedding, children, or a past vacation. From pictures to original designs, the possibilities of personalizing one's handbag are limitless. Showing off artistic talents has never been more easy.

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