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Pallet Supplies and Repairs

     It is unbelievable that the humble pallet plays such an important role in moving all kinds of products, and when you consider that there are millions of them in use every day, you want to own pallets that are identifiable. There are companies that offer this kind of service, and whether your wooden or plastic platforms are painted, labelled or stencilled, your company's name can be branded onto each side of the pallets. Those that go missing can cost companies a small fortune in losses.

When you think that pallets have loaded and transported goods from shore to ship and back again for centuries and that they are moved and stacked with great versatility in warehouses, you begin to understand how indispensable they are Plastic or Wood?

There is a debate as to which pallet type is better; the traditional wooden ones or the new plastic ones, but the choice in terms of performance, cost and functionality is dependent on the client and what is being put on the pallets. Some people want the wooden pallets simply because they have been the distribution method for so long because of their strength and affordability. They also appreciate that they can be scrapped and recycled. Plastic pallets however are becoming more popular, more so in the food industry, simply because they can be sanitized and more easily cleaned.

Reviving Century Old Manufacturing Methods

The National Wooden Pallet and Container Association has certain standards for the manufacture of these wood platforms.

When it comes to moving your precious products from one point to the next, you expect a full service -

- you want the manufacture of any size pallets, wood or plastic, which comply to safety, quality and personal needs and which are also affordable. Advanced machinery allows for the manufacture of odd sized custom pallets. Plastic pallets Sydney are high quality and their black plastic pallets are 1100mm x 1100mm while their other plastic pallets are 1200mm x 1100mm.

- a skilled team of pallet repairmen make use of the best tools to restore damaged pallets to strength and wholeness;

- reconditioned pallets Sydney undergo strict quality control inspection. They have plenty of reconditioned pallets in stock and offer a pick-up service for those which are damaged;

- pallets can be recycled and restored to usefulness again, following stringent guidelines. They are then re-supplied to various industries after being graded and tested for approval. They are available in various strengths and sizes;

- manufacture pallets to customer's unique specification. Custom pallets can be designed to the particular forklifts used to move them around;

- offer used pallets, delivering the highest grade second hand platforms which are as good as new

Pallet Manufacturers who Meet Your Criteria

The size and shape of pallets as well as the materials used for making them are varied, and you want the most cost effective, professional and outstanding solutions. When you need these small platforms, whether new, used or custom pallets , your best bet is to look for a supplier who meets all your criteria and years of experience.

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The size and shape of pallets as well as the materials used for making them are varied. When you need these small platforms, whether new, used or custom pallets , your best bet is to look for a supplier who meets all your criteria. Abbey Pallets are able to show their customers every time where their talents lie.

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