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Personalized Phone Cases Make Great Gifts Ideas For The Holidays

     Do you know anyone that doesn't own a mobile phone? Do you know anyone that wouldn't like a stunning personalized case to make their phone stand out from the crowd? I rest my case…. That is why personalized phone cases make such wonderful gifts ideas; nearly everyone needs one to help protect their expensive devices and better still, most people want one too!

It doesn't matter if it's an iPhone or any other mobile phone, the concept is the same, personalized cases not only help protect your investment in modern communication devices, they can also give it a stunning look and provide it with its own identity.

The best thing about fully customizable phone cases is they can usually be found for any make or model phone, they are easily personalized with your own photos, logos, designs and text, they can usually be personalized free of any additional costs and they are always freely available online at most photo gift web-stores. Better still, when you design and create your own personalized case, it is often cheaper than its ready-made cousins you find in mobile phone shops the world over!

It's not difficult to make your own design and place it on a mobile phone case - if you have the artistic skills the world is your oyster when it comes to making your own designs, however, for most of us, we are sadly lacking in this area and even fewer of us are capable of producing our own graphic designs, so we need to look elsewhere.

There's no need to panic though - we are all capable of making our own designs by simply using our own photos, logos, text and a few other things I will get into later…. It's not as hard as it sounds!

Design your own phone case using photos of loved ones

This is the easiest way of the lot to create a really cool gift. All you need to do is find a suitable digital photo on your camera or computer, upload it to a photo gift web-store and place it on the appropriate customizable phone case.

If your personalized phone case is destined for a mother or grand-mother, the number one choice for customization is a photo of their children or grand-children. This is also a popular design choice for fathers and grand-fathers.

Other popular design choices include photos of spouses, and for the younger generation, photos of boyfriends and girlfriends. Of course, many people also like to see pictures of themselves on their personalized case.

Create your own phone case using other photos

It's obviously impossible to outline all the options available here, but I would like to run through a few of the other types of photos that are commonly used on personalized cases. Second only to "human" loved ones in popularity are photos of pets, particularly dogs and cats, and to a lesser degree birds and fish. Then of course there are the men that love their cars - lots of phone cases are personalized with photos of all sorts of cars; this is a great idea for a car buff. Other popular designs include pictures of tropical beaches, mountain scenery, flowers, butterflies and big wild animals, lions, tigers, elephants, wolves and hippos to name but a few. As I already said, your options here are completely unlimited…..

Make your own phone case using children's drawings

This is an awesome idea for any parent of young children. The process is simple - take the child's drawing and scan it into your computer, upload the image to a photo gifts web-store and proceed as you would with any other photo. This design makes a fantastic idea for one parent to give to the other.


However you decide to personalize your phone case, you always have the option of adding text to the design. Maybe something simple like the person's name, perhaps you may want to add the date or the occasion, whatever personal message you want to add, you can! This is what makes personalized gifts so personal…..

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David Sheath's website Make Your Own Gifts provides lots of great gifts ideas. His website offers over 400 fully customizable products, including mobile phone cases that can be personalized free of all costs when you make your own design using your own photos, logos, designs and text

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