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Piano Lamps – Beautiful Task Lamps for Piano Playing Purposes

     Piano Lamps are highly specialized task lamps designed for beauty and performance. You might be a piano student yourself or you might have a child just beginning piano lessons, perhaps you are a piano teacher or a professional pianist; whatever your situation, if you sit at a piano to play the keys while you read music you need a specialized piano lamp. There are over 150 different styles of piano lamps to choose from and all of them are made by House of Troy. Great design doesn’t just happen, it evolves. House of Troy began designing piano lamps over 50 years ago, and each of their new designs builds on their accumulated design insight into what works best for piano players and their pianos. There is no other lamp designer in the world that specializes in piano lamps. What follows is a partial task analysis describing what makes a piano lamp different from any other type of task or decorative lighting.

Piano Lamps Must Be Balanced and Substantial: Piano lamps must be solid and weighty enough for the arms to extend gracefully out over the music but never tip over; a piano’s fine finish and elegant wood case must be protected at all cost from scratches or insults. Many House of Troy piano lamps weigh over 10 pounds, the weight of the body of the lamp keeps the balance while the extendable and adjustable neck and shade of the lamp can be moved up, down, forward and backward to find the perfect angle to shine at.

Piano Lamps Must Protect the Piano Finish: House of Troy piano lamps have thickly felted bases to keep the wood beneath them safe. These clamps have a double felted insert and securely adjust to different thicknesses of piano desks, all the while holding firmly but only thickly felted pads touch the wood, the metal clamp embraces the felted pads and never touches the wood.
Directionality and Adjustability: First and foremost, pianists need to see the music, so piano lamps are designed for the highly specific angles and demands of the task – enough light exactly in the right place, directly on the music, and no light glaring in the piano player’s eyes, or out into the audience. Generally piano lamps have long narrow shades, and use narrow bulbs that illuminate along a line, perfect for sheet music. The shades are designed to swivel to the optimum angle depending on the height of the pianist as they are seated in front of the keyboard. Keeping glare out of your eyes becomes more important as your eyesight ages, so having a shade swivel to fine tuning is essential. Also frequently one piano is played by a number of people, from children to tall adults, and so just as the rear view mirror of a car must be adjusted depending on the driver, so the shades of piano lamps must be swiveled depending on the height of the player.

Beauty of Form and Function, Materials and Design: Finally piano lamps must look like they belong on a piano. Pianos are iconic symbols of wealth and culture, education and artistry. The lamps that are specially tasked to work on pianos must look as they belong with these expensive and substantial finely crafted instruments. House of Troy uses the finest materials including elegant black marble, solid brass, finely finished patinas. Perfectly Grand customer service specializes in recommending which piano lamps from House of Troy’s extensive line of over 150 styles would look best on your particular piano. Look at the styles here and feel free to call our customer service at 800-792-4457 if you have any questions or want to understand the options better. We are experts, and here to help.

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House of Troy also has specially designed clamp lamps, which clamp onto the music desks of grand pianos. piano lampsThese clamps have a double felted insert and securely adjust to different thicknesses of piano desks, all the while holding firmly but only thickly felted pads touch the wood, the metal clamp embraces the felted pads and never touches the wood.

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