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Politicians Can't Seize The High Ground

     In most any struggle the people who hold the high ground have a distinct advantage. They have the ability to observe their surroundings with more clarity and they have the force of gravity working against any aggressor. Seizing the moral high ground has long been understood as a political tactic commanding power. People assume in the end right will triumph. The only down side to this strategy - those actually seizing the high ground must be moral. In the melee of modern American politics it seems politicians cannot seize the high ground. Citizens are left to discern, either politicians are too stupid to realize there is high ground or they are not moral. Either option is cause for concern.

Party loyalists and pundits earn their keep by advancing the party line regardless of intellectual inconsistencies, blatant hypocrisy or outright deceit. Politicians, the stage actors mouthing words fed to them by their keepers, continue to move America ever closer to its demise. The snake oil they sell is a tantalizing illusion - we can finally get something for nothing. While their words keep us entertained and submissive, the work politicians engage in is to funnel wealth at an increasing rate to the moneyed elite while binding the masses with empty promises and a few crumbs scraped from someone else's table. This is an ancient recurring theme. If you don't think history repeats - just look around.

The power brokers are moving money to the financial elite as fast as the Fed can print it. Law makers are directing public funds flowing into the national treasury, along with as much money as they can borrow, to every politically connected interest group to both ensure their futures and shore up a voter base of dependents. The powers that be want you to believe other people will pay the bills we are racking up; if not now, some time in the future. This ongoing exhibition of wealth transfer is perhaps the greatest feat of prestidigitation in the history of mankind. The audience members, spellbound, are so enamored and intrigued by the sleight of hand they deny reality.

Why are we blind to this? Could it be we have come to believe that we truly can have something for nothing? Or is it at last we have determined this is the only way to claim a piece of the pie? We justify ourselves with the cover of irrational, but oh so comforting fabrications - after all, our elected representatives in Washington say this is right; the financial elite and corporate executives prove this is the way; and we all want what they have - even if it's a lie. Our inexhaustible desire makes us complicit in this great unraveling.

Since our elected representatives cannot seize the high ground the task is left to us, the people. We have to shake off the illusion and take stock of reality. Seizing the high ground and righting America's course requires two essential actions: first we must stop the wanton destruction by learning to live within our means; and second we must begin moving forward again by redirecting resources away from unproductive and toward productive activities. To achieve these two ends, we must do, what to Washington is the unthinkable. We must decentralize power; that is, move power away from Washington and redistribute it to the people.

America was conceived as a land of liberty and opportunity for ambitious individuals willing to dream big and to work hard. America has lost its our way. To realize these ideals once again requires responsible and moral people. Concentrating power and expecting anything but corruption is foolhardy. It's time we seize the high ground and change the course of America. Are you with me?

Copyright (c) 2013 Scott F Paradis

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Scott F. Paradis, author of "Success 101 How Life Works - Know the Rules, Play to Win" and "Warriors, Diplomats, Heroes, Why America's Army Succeeds - Lessons for Business and Life" focuses on the fundamental principles of leadership and success;

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