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Possible And Probable? A Look At Prophecies In The Book Of Revelation

     One of the interesting things about the book of Revelation is that it talks about certain events taking place that up until the recent past would have been seen as absolute impossibilities.

For example, this prophetic book speaks of two men being murdered and their bodies are left lyng in the street while the world watches on. Up until the recent past, most who would have read about that would have concluded that it was completely and utterly impossible. They would wonder how could something in Jerusalem could be seen by people around the globe?

Today not only is it possible to see live images from around the globe it is a daily occurrence for most of us when we turn on the nightly news.

If you were born less than twenty-five years ago, you probably can't remember a time when you haven't been immersed in live video images from around the planet. Unlike those of us who are older they can't imagine a world without this technology. They also can't imagine a world where video images were dependent on the major news networks.

Video sharing sites like YouTube and social media sites like Facebook have completely changed the way we communicate. When we add live video streaming into the mix it's easy to see how this once laughable prophecy is nothing to scoff at any more.

Revelation also contains a prophecy about a world leader who will require people to have some sort of a mark placed on the back of their hand or on their forehead. Unless a person receives the mark they will be unable to buy or sell anything. This so called "mark of the beast" used to be seen as impossibility.

How in the world could something placed on a person be used to monitor buying and selling? How could some sort of mark placed on a human body possibly be used as a means of exchanging funds? How could any nation, much less the world, function without cash money?

Today not many people are asking those questions because technology has come to the place where this is not only possible it seems to be very probable. In fact, it could be seen as the answer to all sorts of problems that we currently deal with. For example, have you ever lost a credit or debit card? Have you left your driver license at home or forgotten your passport? Have you ever heard of dogs and cats being implanted with microchips in case they get lost? Could the same type of chip implanted under the skin of human beings be the solution to the problems described above? Could the implementation of this technology be just over the horizon?

In every generation there have been those who were convinced they were living in the last days before the end of this age. If someone who lived five or six hundred years ago could see the world you and I live in, what might they think about it? What about someone from a thousand years ago?

What about someone from the first century? Have you ever stopped to consider that perhaps the vision received by John the Apostle was a flash forward to the world you and I are living in? What might he think of our military technology? How might he describe missiles being launched or an attack helicopter blasting its guns? Is it possible that the words he would use would be very much like what we find on the pages of The Revelation?

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Writer and audio producer James Flanders is a full-time student of Scripture with a passion for sharing with anyone who will listen. You can find many of his audio Bible studies on YouTube.

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