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Problems with Wrinkles and Headaches Solved with Botox

     You've heard about the benefits of using Botolinum toxin, or Botox, to give yourself a facelift without going under the knife. For three decades, Botox has been the choice for youth-seeking women and men who prefer needles to scalpels. Little did anyone know that the benefits of this skin-rejuvenating treatment reach further than just aesthetics.

Can you believe that doctors, particularly those in the United States, are using Botox on their patients who are suffering from an eye disorder called strabismus? This eye problem is when the eyes are abnormally misaligned. You may know this disorder as "crossed eyes." The USFDA also approved the use of Botox as a treatment for other eye disorders, like uncontrollable twitching. Botox has also been discovered to treat excessive sweating in armpits.

But it wasn't until recently that another use for Botox was discovered. By accident, doctors learned that the drug can be used to treat severe headaches when they were using it on patients who were trying to eliminate wrinkles and eye muscle spasms. Doctors treating patients who have severe headaches were trying to deal with the affliction by diagnosing the illness and determining a cure. Plastic surgeons were the ones who found the possible long-term answer for migraines and severe headaches.

Clinical trials have confirmed that patients injected with Botox for eye spasms and cosmetic reasons were spared the onset of migraine attacks. Surveys of patients who received Botox injections support the clinical trials. These patients said that they did not have mild or severe headaches for more than six months after getting the injections.

Doctors, however, point out that the Botox must be injected in certain parts of the body in order to have the effects on headaches that have been reported. The locations where Botox must be injected to get the desired results for headaches include the forehead, brow muscles, and the back and sides of the head. The patients who will have the best results are those who have migraines on a regular basis, whether it's daily or weekly.

Like most drugs, Botox has expanded its use to become a treatment for differing medical conditions. However, it also remains a good option for people who want to get rid of their wrinkles and that fact shows in the popularity of the treatment. Vanity-conscious people - both women and men - use Botox to prevent and eliminate signs of premature aging.

While there are a lot of benefits to using Botox for whatever reason, there may potentially be a side effect to be aware of, as there is with any drug taken. One side effect of Botox, however, is a little different than that of most prescription medicines. That's because Botox often limits one's ability to move his or her brow muscles. Some people actually don't mind this adverse reaction because it often alleviates frown lines in one's forehead. Besides this one problem, Botox has not been linked to any other side effects.

Botox has definitely proven its worth in the medical world. It's no wonder that Botox's popularity has kept growing over the years. There are more reasons than ever before to overcome your fear of needles and opt for this treatment for medical or aesthetic reasons.

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Roger Ubik has extensive experience in the health and beauty industries in Austin, TX and is passionate about informing consumers. There are many Austin Botox providers available. Finding the right Botox treatment is crucial to a successful outcome.

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