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Product Design Changes Triggered By Siri

     Siri's release, after the disappointment of the iphone 5 for Apple words are not the topic, even heat over ios 5 major operating system updates. However, hope discussed today is not these discussions, but the designers intentionally or unintentionally, to produce a significant change of the basis of positioning for the design of a certain type of tool.

I do not know if you said Siri what might be called the "voice interactive tools, because it absolutely has to break through this" voice-to-text, text-to-command "category of speech recognition tools, and direct use of voice to achieve human-computer interaction.

Personally, I prefer to be included in the scope of the "voice interact, because what we think when we mentioned tools?

For example, we will screwdriver (also known as a screwdriver, etc.) qualitative tools, it can tighten, loosen the screw, if you want this tool even better, you can choose a better material can handle some innovation, in the same screwdriver offers a variety of spin head, but regardless of how, when you are faced with a screwdriver, it is for you, will always be a stiff, rigid, cold tools.

However, when you Siri "interaction" when you speak in front of a phone, for the people, this is a relatively new way of interaction, speech recognition technology has appeared in a long time ago, but due to the limitations of the technology and many other factors, it never did not become a mainstream application. When people want to use the computer, you will be accustomed to using the keyboard to interact through text commands, mouse, and day-to-day actions of the people do not overlap, is a deliberately "Society". But when you speak, is entirely different. You will subconsciously with daily to communicate with people to do comparison, although you know that his face is just a machine, but this subconscious comparison is no doubt. In this regard, Siri for voice interaction tools provide a very different place: "humor"!

You may ask, humor, but the program design, how this can be called "change"? The authors acknowledged that Siri humor, but only a relatively simple program design, rather than powerful intelligence capabilities, and even said that a lot of the humor is not really humor, just funny "witty" and "inexplicable" answer brought only, but from the point of view of the user experience, but it brings a whole new, different experience: from basic like her, in other words, when you interact with Siri, is more like that one exchange! Perhaps this person, but just one less child will speak, do not quite understand what you say, even often do not quite understand what you are saying, but there is no doubt that it brought her to the people - - the experience of communicating with others.

This is the author emphasized when artificial intelligence progress, human-computer interaction changes from the point of view of product design, it should be a very significant change occurred: no longer just emphasize advanced technical advances and technological Instead, you need to add more anthropomorphic elements!

Meanwhile, Siri provided another anthropomorphic elements: the "uncertainty". When you use a tool such as a screwdriver, you certainly do not want intends to tighten the screws, it brings you to other effects, regardless of whether this is a surprise. When you go to use other voice interactive tools, they often wonderful human voice (of course, most of them female), but when you can not answer the question asked, the answer is often cold mode conclusion The Siri provides more diversity conclusion, although often these conclusions are often puzzling, but this is rarely an exact duplicate of the answer, at least not in a relatively short period of time the process of using almost exactly answer. This uncertainty also consistent with anthropomorphic features, which further led to a variety of scripts the constant reports online molested Siri "- of course, you must not ask Siri nearest bathroom where will want to get the result of the uncertainty, but just like people in the day-to-day when some exchanges want to get an accurate answer sometimes, but casual chat, uncertainty, and uncertainty is equally important.

Siri provides the humor and uncertainties, as well as the cloud program continues to improve and change, Apple provides users with a more "like" interactive objects, for us, this is already out of the scope of the "tools" essentially, the properties of the tool part is still one of the most fundamental needs, "molested Siri" heat will over time subsided, but this trend will inevitably anthropomorphic in more in the product, although the next with such trace amounts (which is like Siri, trace) intends personified ingredients will not produce the same sensation - and this is the biggest advantage of breakthrough innovation: a huge impact force and public opinion, marketing advantage - but, personified the trend will be towards these products are indispensable in the future.

In essence, the current Siri elements to be personified still with the technical aspects are stripped, the two meet is a completely different user requirements: practicality and entertainment can bring a ray of fun, of course, in practical apart, but real integration between the two is still far from coming, this is bound to need technical progress and constant innovation can produce, I believe both real fusion product appears, will set off another huge wave of human-computer interaction .

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