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Proven Techniques On How to Get a Girlfriend

     Are you tired of being by yourself? You like evenings out with your pals and hanging out with the guys, however, you would really like different things as well. If you had the choice, you would in all probability prefer to wake up alongside an attractive women rather than alongside your pal on his couch. If you think like this then you definitely aren't the only person. The vast majority of men are more happy when they are experiencing the company of a stunning lady. This means that there are countless men pursuing that ideal girl though. But fear not single man! You may be only one of a couple of billion available guys, but that doesn't necessarily mean you don't possess a fair shot at finding a great girlfriend. If you are thinking about some more interesting weekends then you've been used to lately - read on.

Jump Off Your Butt and Get Out There

Let's face it, if you do not start exploring the world you are not going to find anything fresh. The initial step in finding a special lady is putting your own self out there. It doesn't matter if you do it online (e.g., OkCupid) or in public (e.g. clubs, bars, any place but Burger King), you've got to hang where the kind of lady you're looking for hangs. Love music? Hit up the neighborhood rock club and look for the lady with a smile reserved for you. Passionate about hang gliding? Become a member of the local hang gliders club (should there be such a thing) and scope out daredevil chicks.

As soon as you've chosen your place, actual or virtual, it's time for you to put your very best foot forward. That doesn't mean throwing out cliched chat-up lines and fronting as if you're some sort of Don Juan. This means being yourself and being confident. No women will be interested in you until you first believe in yourself. This is what's known as self-belief. Time to make your mark!

Once you have this understanding in yourself that you're a fantastic catch, you are half way to being caught - you just need to let them come to you. Perhaps you've got a good joke, let it out. Perhaps you've got dance moves on par with MJ, bust out the Moonwalk already.

Do what works for you and you're bound to find the interest of a woman who, primarily, loves you for you, a vital characteristic of any potential girlfriend. Once you've caught her eye, the next thing is keeping her curious.

Find a Balance Between Playing Hard to Get and Interest

Thus, you've got her attention without creepily turning up at her work every single day or getting a plane to fly a huge banner over her house. Good work! Now's the hard element. Once you've found a woman's attention, you have to go in for the kill quickly. You'll want to create a connection with her well before she becomes uninterested. It is tricky. You need to demonstrate to her you're into her without appearing like she's on your mind 24/7. Be cool, but show her you're actually attracted to her and her life. If she goes on about her semi-professional dancing career for half an hour, suck it up and look like you're having fun. Skirt the fine line between playing hard to get and interest.

This is the time you need to show her just how much you want her - be creative. Don't suddenly say "So, shall we be like boyfriend and girlfriend?" Demonstrate to her you want it by flirting and holding hands, by going to restaurants she likes, by amazing her with roses, etc. Simply do it all without being pushy or coming off like you've never dated before (I'm sure that's not the case though?)

You need to be the man that all women want, but try not to reveal all of your tricks straight away. If you can somehow create a middle ground in between James Bond (super cool, international spy) and any old John Cusack role (down-to-earth, adorable), you've sorted it made. Women don't desire mega-macho dudes, but they also don't want ultra cute and fluffy man-boys either.

Maintain interest each day and she'll transform from a girl you're merely "seeing" to a genuine girlfriend. In fact, it requires a bit more than just that.

How to Get a Girlfriend from "That Girl You're Dating"

After a number of months, if you really want to keep the girl it is time to take it to another level. The sex is out of this world, the pillow talk is equally exhilarating and you're both having fun. You're set, right? Nope. Your hard work is far from finished. In order to cross the bridge from "this guy I'm seeing" to "my dreamy boyfriend," you need to step up your game. You can begin talking about her as "my girl" a couple of weeks in, but she's wanting more to consider you her boyfriend. She's got to see you as someone worth sticking with.

The key is to not be keen, however, not to be too cool also. You might think waiting 12 hours to reply to her "Hey, what's up : )" text is playing hard to get, but she will see past your game. Playing hard to get will leave her desiring more, but genuine lack of value will get you back to square one (and possibly in worse shape than when you began if she starts posting on Facebook and Twitter with remarks about how much of an idiot you are.)

Being good in the sack is only going to get you so far; now you've got to do good for her in a number of ways. Take things up a level. Delay buying all the seasons of "Mad Men" and take her to one of the best eateries in the city. Take her to a concert of her favorite artist, even if it requires sitting through several hours of Celine Dion. Typical guys do average things. Do you only want to be a typical guy? No, you wish to be a champion and make her forget Ryan Gosling ever existed. Be exceptional and then a girlfriend you'll have.

Goodbye, Bachelordom!

There's no clear cut path to getting a girlfriend, as no pair of girls are the same. The best you are able to do is 1) be confident 2) look for a balance between indifference and being too keen and 3) go above and beyond whatever Joe Schmo's doing.

There are many girls on the market who are wondering when the man of their dreams will appear in their life. Now you know what you need to do to get that girl, start doing it and commence your brand new more content life. You do not need all those old seasons of "ER" when you've got the one friend you want alongside you already. Your time has come.

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