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Put Some Prehistoric Power to Your Party With a Fun Caveman Costume

     Make a bold statement and a stand-out entrance to your next costume party with a Caveman costume! This interesting costume is something that only the most outspoken and confident partygoer can implement, given its eccentric concept and (at times) its controversial lack of garments. Not only is it a great choice for future costume parties, trick-or-treat nights and other themed events, it's also a great icebreaker and conversation starter for any occasion! If played right, wearing a Caveman costume can make you the star of the night, and establish a good reputation with other party-loving friends! Many costume shops nationwide stock different variants of cavemen costumes that can make sure you'll have plenty of options. There's the simple caveman suit, which consists of a strip of cloth worn over the upper body. This look can be found on several cartoon character archetypes, most famously in the caveman-oriented cartoon The Flintstones. Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble, the two main male characters of the series, are never seen without this famous variation on the Caveman ensemble.

Fred's attire combines the material of the pre-historic era with the concept of the modern working man's three-piece suit: instead of a polo shirt and necktie combination, he wears an orange piece of hide with an orange pattern, complete with a blue strip of cloth that acts as his personal caveman necktie. This look follows the concept of the television series, where the modern facilities of today's world are retooled to fit the caveman way of life (i.e., cars that work by foot, mammoth-nose vacuum cleaners, and dinosaur punch timers). Flintstones costumes modeled after each of the main characters also follows this look, with costumes for characters such as Barney, Pebbles, and Bamm-Bamm.

Other Caveman costumes follow a darker appearance. Aside from the generic and cartoon cavemen ensembles, costume shops also possess a warrior caveman variant of the costume. These costumes are inspired by the violent nature of the prehistoric man, who, unlike the depiction in Hanna-Barbera's famous cartoon series, follows a rigorous way of life. Aside from having to fight off dangerous creatures with only the use of their hands and crude weapons, cavemen also face the danger of being threatened by other clans, be it for the love of a woman, at times, for the need to show superiority.

This version often features more tight-fitting outfits that help accentuate the musculature of men, and curves for women. Most male Caveman costumes feature crude beards that give off an air of toughness, as well as crude gauntlets made from fake rock or bone that show how battle ready they are. Others feature headdresses made from faux animal material, such as saber-toothed tiger or wolf hide, and weapons such as clubs, crude swords, and maces. For the females, cavewomen costumes come with wigs that accentuate the wild look, and similar weapons that make the statement that girls can kick butt while looking sexy all the while! For wild, themed parties, a Caveman costume is one of the definite looks to wear and watch out for!

Check out the latest articles on Caveman Costume and Pocahontas Costume today!

Check out the latest articles on Caveman Costume and Pocahontas Costume today!

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Check out the latest articles on Caveman Costume and Pocahontas Costume today!

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