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Quadrantids Meteor Shower - The Much Awaited Cosmic Fireworks in 2012

     Have you wondered if the old saying about the shooting star or meteor is true? The old mythological or Gypsy belief that if you make a wish after seeing a shooting star or a falling meteor will become true. Well if you want to try it, you could try it today as the Quadrantids meteor shower will peak in the predawn hours of this Wednesday across the northern areas such as Ohio.
If you are not a believer of such bogus myths or the Gypsy tradition then it is a good time to kick off the New Year with amazing and fantabulous cosmic fireworks. Keep your eyes fixed on the sky today as you may see the divine spectacular vision of one of the most amazing meteor showers in the history of your life.
The Quadrantids meteor shower is mostly visible across the northern areas (i.e. Northern Hemisphere) as the sky happens to be completely blank due to the dead winter. It is considered as one of the much awaited cosmic fireworks because you may see about eighty to hundred of meteors across the sky. Sometimes you may see at on an average about one shooting meteor a minute.
Now some of you may assume that a comet and meteor are the same, but they are not. A comet is nothing but a mixture of ices and dust and when it comes close to the sun, it gets the form of a coma with a tail. Comets are also known as dirty snowball or icy mud balls. As comets orbit around the sun, they shed an icy, dusty stream of debris along its orbit. This debris that is left out by comets is known as a meteor. As the Earth passes through a comet's orbit, it slams into the dusty debris and being close to the sun, the heat vaporizes the ice, releasing the trapped debris which eventually falls into the earth's atmosphere and comes to be known as meteor showers.
Do you know that most of the meteors do not reach the Earth? Before touching the Earth's atmosphere meteors burn up and get reduced to ashes in the atmosphere. Only on very rare occasions we could see a meteor land into the earth's landscape, but that is once in a blue moon. Like all other meteors, the Quadranids meteor gets its name from the constellation Quadrans Murakis. Most of the time this meteor is a rare phenomena as the weather would be overcast with snow shower as the northern winter would be in full swing when it occurs. Not only that the vehement storm and cold weather tend to make people indoors during this rare phenomena.
Even if you are in the suburbs, you could still see about forty Quandranids meteors in an hour, and in case you are fortunate enough the chances of seeing more than forty is also possible. Now a question may arise in your mind about the best place where you can view the meteor shower showdown. To be frank, you can watch it from anywhere, but the best place to watch it would be in a dark secluded spot away from the bright city and hoarding lights. The best option would be to watch the meteor shower from a state or city park or other safe and dark places. The one thing that you have to keep in your mind is to be patient and constantly watch the sky for the meteor shower. At any cost you should not move your eyes away from the dark blank sky as they move very fast and are gone before you can turn your eyes on them.
Most of you would be now sitting in the various spots of the state or city park or in the backyard of your house with some snacks and drinks along with a comfortable chair to watch the thrilling and master-piece cosmic explosion of the decade just like the July 4 fireworks. If you want to know the exact location or places where the Quadranid meteor phenomena will occur in your area, just log into you internet service provider such as Verizon FiOS Internet and get the necessary information.

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