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Quick Tips on How to Get Traffic (Free and Paid) to Your Affiliate Website

     The world of affiliate marketing is definitely an enigma, with reports from people earning thousands of dollars per day, to those who struggle to make their first few cents online. One core ingredient that no one can disagree on is that traffic is required to be able to market your affiliate products to interested consumers. If you're asking about volume of traffic, how targeted the traffic is, and how to increase conversions, you are asking the right questions. But the fact is, you have to generate traffic, in one form or another. And here's how to get started fast!

The Avenues Of The Online World

First, there are basically 2 types of website traffic. Paid traffic and free traffic. Why would you pay if you have free traffic? Well I'll cover that in a second. First, understand that concept. Paid traffic can be expensive, as well as less targeted, and requires more optimization of conversion on your website that free traffic. Free traffic, is basically a volume game, as well as cracking the search engine algorithms. There are other forms of free traffic, which include other sources besides Google's search engine, for example forums and Facebook. Let me go into this in detail now.

How Do I Get Free Traffic? (Easier To Harder Methods)

1. Understand that you can get extremely targeted traffic from forums and social media platforms. People who engage in these online platforms are already interested in the genre or niche that you are in. Don't start off instantly with promoting your link though, build your reputation and socialize with the community. Slowly, you will learn more, and become an authority in the topic you are in. That's when people will come to you to ask for advice and information. You could also drop your links within your signature, but keep it low key to avoid being banned.

2. Social media such as Facebook and Twitter work on the same principles as this. Imagine now you have a link from your Pinterest to your affiliate website, and maybe it brings in 2-3 visitors per day. Now imagine a Youtube video that brings in another 4-5 visitors per day. It all adds up, and your site will grow into a full fledged authority site after some time.

3. Search Engine Optimization is the process of ranking your site on Google. However, using this solely as a source of traffic is risky, as many people are competing for the most profitable keywords, as well as changes in the algorithms could wipe out your main source of traffic over night. To do this, you will need to study more in depth about the factors which makes a site worthy in Google's eyes.

The true secret lies in selecting fights that you can win as well. What this means is that, you should be targeting keywords which are easier, but just targeted, with your website. For instance, instead of going after the term "weight loss", go after the term "rapid weight loss results in 10 days or less" or along that line. You may think that you would only get a trickle of traffic using that method, but you'd be surprised how this adds up over the long run.

Imagine 5 highly targeted visitors per day thanks to your highly targeted article for the long tail keyword mentioned. The more articles in your site, the more targeted traffic you build, and your risk is spread compared to only having 1 main keyword to rank for. The concept remains the same, proper link building from authority sites, as well as social shares help to give the long tail keywords a boost up the SERPs.

How Do I Use Paid Traffic?

Paid traffic, with the most popular being Google Adwords, can be a dangerous thing. First and foremost, it is costly to run. You could mistakenly let your campaign run and notice a bill of thousands of dollars at the end of the month. But it is still effective. So how do people make money online using this method then?

The answer is in the conversions. Your site must be optimized for conversions before you do this. How would you test this? One effective method is by constantly doing split testing. This involves making 2 variations of your site, and sending equal amounts of traffic to both these sites. Then, you would calculate the amount of sales attributable from these 2 sites, and measure your earnings per click. This is a good indicator of your conversions, and which site the customers are more inclined to buy from. It can even be as close as changing a certain font, or color, or background of your website that influences buyers to purchase.


Using and combining these 2 methods is not easy, and I would suggest starting with free traffic at the beginning. This way, you can re-invest your dividends back into paid traffic and test for conversions. Learning how to generate traffic is a game of skill. Since you are playing to win and win big why not learn all you can quickly? So if you are ready to take action, take a look at the Traffic Masters Academy. Traffic Masters Academy is a great tool that teaches you how to master the art of generating traffic using both free and paid methods. Click here to find out more.

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