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Reasons Why Kids Fear The Dentist

     Dentistry in West Jordan is a tough proposition, dentists have studied hard and went to school for many years to help people. In spite of all that, most children and some adults fear and avoid them. Why do kids fear the dentist so much?
The most obvious reason kids fear the dentist is the memory of pain and/or the potential for pain. Very rarely do people ever talk about having a pleasant visit to dentist, people only ever talk about having a cavity filled or having a root canal. As a child, how could you not be scared of the dentist when all you hear about is painful stories about people being miserable?

Another reason kids fear the dentist is noise. Kids' ears are still growing inside and, because of this, can be sensitive to loud noises. Many of the tools a dentist has to use are fairly loud and that is only amplified when the tools are inside the child's mouth. Let's face it, nobody likes the sounds that the dentist tools make when they're cleaning your teeth, kids just have a harder time handling the noise.

It is human nature to fear the unknown, it's the reason kids are often afraid of the dark. This is also one of the reasons kids are often afraid of the dentist. The child cannot see what the dentist is doing inside his mouth. This is a scary proposition for anyone not to mention a child.

One of the most common fears in humans is the fear of falling, it's the reason falling in a dream will always wake you up. Often, lying back in the dentist chair can inspire the sense of falling, especially when the dentist has to adjust the chair while it is leaned back. Don't forget the bright light being shined in their eyes.

Dr Kent Bladen and his team at West Jordan Dental promises to put forth the best they can, to make children comfortable during exams, and cleanings. For most children, the fear subsides pretty quickly and they are able to leave the office with a smile.
Here are some tips for parents from Dr Bladen for easing your child's fear of the dentist.

1. Familiarize your young child all about the visits yet keep the lid on the level of information supplied. Answer any inquisitions with simple, to-the-point answers. Let the dental expert answer more complex or detailed queries. Dental experts are trained to detail things to little ones in a nonthreatening means and in easy-to-understand wording

2. Keep away from the use of words like "pain" or "shot" or "unpleasant.".

3. Don't ever tell your little one about a distressing dental experience that you've had. Emphasize to your young one how crucial it is to sustain healthy teeth and gums and that the dental practitioner is a friendly medical professional whose job it is to help carry this out.

4. Don't ever assure an award for attending the dental professional.

Keep in mind that it is perfectly normal for youngsters to be afraid-- some hesitant of being separated from their parents; others are afraid of the unknown; others are afraid of being hurt. A dental practice who treats young ones will know tips on how to manage your child's dreads and angst and put them secure.

Dental professional's Role.

Youngster's anxieties may be expressed in a few ways. Some youths may cry; others may throw temper tantrums. Dental practitioners often will use techniques to aid little one's fears, including some of the following:

•The dentist office should converse in a friendly voice that could become firmer if necessary.

•Simple words should be used to identify the process. Sometimes dentist offices will demonstrate the services on a doll or another person before performing the treatment on the young one.

•Many times dental practices will tell tales or fascinate the young children in conversation as a method of drawing focus away from the services.

•Dental practitioners often will use visual communication, for example a simple grin or grimace, to bolster positive conduct and discourage negative tendencies. Praise and compliments should be given to reinforce good actions.

•The dental practice may use sedation to help the young one relax and be more comfortable, if necessary. The two most common types of sedation that might be used in young children are nitrous oxide (" laughing gas") or an oral sedative (such as Valium).

If your dental practitioner does not take steps to ease your youngster's fears, consider finding another dental practice. It is essential that your child has a positive experience at the dentist office during their early years so that he or she does not develop an ongoing fear of oral health care providers.

Dr Kent Bladen and his team at West Jordan Dental are committed to patient satisfaction, and outstanding oral health for kids and adults alike. They are proud to enter their 30th year in the dental industry. Get more advise for childrens dentistry.

Dr. Kent Bladen practices Dentistry in West Jordan, Utah. For more information, please visit

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Dr Kent Bladen and his team at West Jordan Dental are committed to patient satisfaction, and outstanding oral health for kids and adults alike. They are proud to enter their 30th year in the dental industry. Get more advise for childrens dentistry.

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