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Recruitment Consultant Tips: 2 Ways To Persuade High Calibre Candidates They Need You

     A round of applause; the UK economy is improving. To give you an example just a couple of weeks ago the manufacturing sector reported growth figures higher than in a long time. The good news is that means more jobs and hopefully more candidates to place. Persuading high calibre candidates; that every client wants, to let you represent them is a whole different thing. We work in the recruitment to recruitment sector and deal with savvy recruiters like you who know the value we bring; not always the case for candidates that don't really understand how recruitment actually works.

You can make candidates appreciate that you are the recruiter to go with. All it takes is some good communication skills and making your candidates aware of how recruitment works. Remember many of the really hot candidates have not been on the job hunting circuit for a number of years and are likely to have forgotten the intricacies of the whole recruitment process. Though it is obvious to you and I, that we have a network of contacts we can introduce them to; the penny does not always drop with candidates. This is particularly if you are headhunting someone that has not thought of moving in a while. To save you racking your brains here are a few other things that you candidates need to know.

1. You know the key roles

Every recruitment consultant worth his or her salt has their ear to the ground and knows the key roles coming up; unfortunately candidates don't. Your own grapevine is invaluable and one that your candidate gets access to. If you have a key account client that you have been working with for a while you will have built up relationships so you know when that next role is likely to appear. Your candidate then, in theory, gets a fast track path to a role they didn't even know was available.

2. You can help them ace an Interview

Most recruiters are outgoing go for it personalities usually with an ego to match. Confidence and selling yourself is pretty easy. Not so for many of the candidates you are want to place. This can be sector specific and in a previous role I have placed MD's that I still needed to help get over interview nerves. So imagine you are placing a candidate that works in an 'analytical 'role. Fantastic at what they do only terrible at communicating their value to a potential new employer. They are likely to know that by the way, and that is potentially why they have not considered moving before. This is great news for you because you can help them. In a scenario like this you can help them in many ways.

Putting together a great compelling and results focused CV

Preparing how to answer classic questions they are likely to be asked

Insider information on the company, people and values and what they need to Communicate

With good candidates becoming harder to find having a strategy and process like this at your fingertips will make a difference to you results.

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Cheryl Wing is the M.D. of GSR2R and has over 12 years' experience running her own award winning Rec to Rec company that helps recruiters get the best roles in the industry. If you want best recruitment agencies London that delivers contact Cheryl at

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