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Recruitment Manager Training-The 4 C's Strategy of Successful Billers

     As a busy recruitment manager you will have a 101 things on your 'to do list'; that probably also includes managing your own desk. Hitting your own billings is one thing; managing a team of recruiters to do the same is another. So here is something that might help, I call it the four c's of high billing success. This basic principle I would ask you to hammer home with your recruitment consultants and monitor it as a key area of focus for them. Let me explain.

Selling has some basic rules that if you stick to them will produce results. Recruitment consultants, at the end of the day, are sales people who have the enviable job of selling people and companies to each other. Basic sale principles will always apply yet the focus is different. When it comes to recruitment, engagement and relationship building is key. So here is the 4 C's strategy that, in my experience, identifies the consistently high performing billers.

Consistently contact clients and candidates. That is it. Sounds old school and I wonder how many people reading this are saying that is exactly what they do; I doubt it. For a start off few consultants are truly consistent in their actions. I admit we all have days when we are on fire and others not so much! Yet a consistent approach will bring rewards. To master anything in life and see results you have to put the effort in-at some deeper level, we all know that.

The results don't just suddenly happen overnight it takes time to build the momentum and get into a grove. Let me share a story. A few years ago I ran the New York marathon. I had played sport all my life yet running was literally a whole new ball game. I had played international Rugby and run around a field; as I soon found out running over 26 miles non-stop was very different. So I started training. First of all I took some advice and hired a coach. We then created a consistent training plan that over the weeks and months meant that I was physically and mentally prepared. It is amazing how doing something like this can alter your results totally. By the time of the Marathon I could run up three flights of stairs without being out of breath and have the additional bonus of being able to eat what I wanted without expanding, what joy!

The good news is that the same principle will apply in business. Consistent effort in changes results in the long term. Let's say that you direct your consultants to have a plan that every day they will spend at least 60 minutes; preferably 90; proactively contacting clients and candidates. Over the course of an average month that is going to be around 20-30 hours. Over the course of six months; you get the picture? The hours start to mount up and so will your team's results. You can plan this time out around using; the phone; email and LinkedIn. You can even use this as a strategy to build a potential portfolio of new clients you want to work with or connecting and engaging with high calibre candidates you know will be so easy to place. As a recruitment manager you will know how easily this type of proactive activity falls off the radar. Yet if you use a strategy like this, over time your consultants own 'black book' of potential hot clients and candidates will have grown beyond recognition.

So time to take action. Yu can even place an incentive around it that works in your recruitment agency. Implement this for a month and you will be surprised the difference it will make.

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