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Roman Catholic Dissent of Supreme Court Decision Mandating Marriage Equality

     Roman Catholics appreciate the separation of Church and State and obey the law of the land. (Romans 13: 1-7) That law provides the right to dissent openly and honestly. Catholics are saying this in response to the U.S. Supreme Court Ruling on Obgergefell Vs Hodges. The highest court in the land held that the recognition and provision of same-sex marriage is a fundamental right guaranteed by both the Due Process Clause and the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution.[2][3]Only thirteen states are affected by the Marriage Equality ruling. Marriage Equality is already the law in the State of Washington.

Forty-four percent of Roman Catholics living on Benson Hill believe the tradition of Marriage is unique to male and female couples. It has existed that way in every culture, they claim, since before recorded history. Scripture, they believe, clearly defines the blessings of marriage between a man and woman. The Catholic Church promotes and defends the institution of marriage as the union of one man and one woman.

• Those Catholics who study scripture, and trust their leaders and the Catechism for guidance, respond to their questioners fraternally, "Your love may be equal, your state rights to marriage are equal, but you are not married in the eyes of the Roman Catholic Community." They point out the theme of Marriage between male and female throughout sacred readings. They begin with the Old Testament creation stories in Genesis through the story of Isaac and Rebekah and continuing through scripture, end at the final metaphoric Book of Revelations, as the basis for their dissent.

• Tradition supports an equal amount of space in the Catholic world-view as scripture. They believe that the Roman Catholic Catechism outlines, in intimate detail, the ideals to help them grow closer to Jesus and to help make life joyful and marriage successful. The Catechism is a refined version of the vision of all the greatest Catholic thinkers of the ages. An excerpt: 1605 Holy Scripture affirms that man and woman were created for one another: "It is not good that the man should be alone."92 The woman, "flesh of his flesh," his equal, his nearest in all things, is given to him by God as a "helpmate"; she thus represents God from whom comes our help.93 "Therefore a man leaves his father and his mother and cleaves to his wife, and they become one flesh."94 The Lord himself shows that this signifies an unbreakable union of their two lives by recalling what the plan of the Creator had been "in the beginning": "So they are no longer two, but one flesh."95

• Catholic Bishops Statement: The unique meaning of marriage as the union of one man and one woman is inscribed in our bodies as male and female. The protection of this meaning is a critical dimension of the "integral ecology" that Pope Francis has called us to promote. Mandating marriage redefinition across the country is a tragic error that harms the common good and most vulnerable among us, especially children. The law has a duty to support every child's basic right to be raised, where possible, by his or her married mother and father in a stable home.

•Catholics believe that only through sexual difference can a husband and a wife give themselves completely to one another – so completely that "the two become one flesh" (Gen 2:24). True marital union is not possible without sexual difference.

Fifty six percent of Catholics agree with the ruling of Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy, speaking of the rights of gays who desire marriage. Justice Kenned opined that they, "reveal that they seek not to denigrate marriage but rather to live their lives, or honor their spouses' memory, joined by its bond."

• Catholics cite their religious community's beliefs when they take the anti same-sex marriage posture. When they cite the antiquated, rigid rules of the Catechism, they demonstrate a lack of imagination, vision, creativity, and growth in God that she has made available to us through our creation in her image. In fact, Catholics retort, those are only some of the gifts identified in the Catechism as part of the Grace we receive from the Supreme Being to help organize our families and grow in the Spirit.

• A Transgender individual says, "With no further qualifications, this is who I am. But you say a Y chromosome is the final determinant in who God intended me to be. Did God give me free will, and the promises that go with it, or am I predestined to be a lonely, confused recluse? "

• A college freshman speaks out, "My family is Catholic. I wish one of them could give me a logical explanation of how Marriage Equality takes away somebody's rights. "

In the dissenting opinion Justice Roberts said, "If you are among the many Americans - of whatever sexual orientation - who favor expanding same-sex marriage, by all means celebrate today's decision" But do not celebrate the Constitution. It had nothing to do with it."

"Marriage is the permanent and exclusive union of one man and one woman, for the good of the spouses and for the procreation and education of children. One man, one woman, for life." Catholic Bishops

Men and women are equal and different. Sexual difference is essential to marriage and raising children. Ignoring or removing "the difference is… the problem, not the solution" (Pope Francis).

Do you agree or disagree with the Supreme Court decision mandating State recognition of Same Sex Marriage? Visit the Comment Section near the bottom of this page.
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