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Scarecrow Costumes Classic Fairytale Fun For All Ages!

     An enduring classic and one of the most popular stories for children, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz is a tale that combines the wonders of unreal magic and the power of friendship. Written by Frank L. Baum and released in 1900 (making it more than a century old this decade), this children's novel has become a staple of bedtime stories and beginner children's reading. Today, it remains as a staple of pop culture and honored literary works, claiming a following that rivals that of the popular Grimm fairy tales and many of the Disney movies and cartoons. Since then, it has been followed by a host of sequel books, continuing the story of the Land of Oz, with an impressive lineup spanning almost fourteen books, as well as a massive amount of follow-up novels.

However, all the subsequent novels, plays, and movies can be traced to the beginning of Baum's first novel, where a young Dorothy Gale first learns of the magical oddly-named land and of its equally eccentric characters. After a twister uproots the entirety of her Kansas home, Dorothy finds herself separated from her Uncle Henry and Aunt Em. When she finally goes out of her house, she discovers two things: one, that she has apparently brought by the twister to a magical foreign land; and two, that she has unintentionally killed the Wicked Witch of the East, an evil tyrant that was feared by many of the Oz residents.

Soon, Dorothy goes on a quest to find the Wizard of Oz, a powerful ruler that holds the key to her return to Kansas. Along the way, she and her loyal dog, Toto, meet an unusual array of friends and co-travelers. The Scarecrow, the Tin Woodsman, and the Lion each have their own reasons to go to Oz - a brain, a heart, and some courage, respectively. However, the Wicked Witch of the West, finding out about the death of her sister, has begun plotting her revenge against the young girl from Kansas, and will do anything to take back a pair of magical ruby slippers - a pair that Dorothy now wears on her way to the Emerald City of Oz.

Now, kids can play the role of the Oz group's resident genius wannabe with a nifty Scarecrow costume! This costume works well in any themed party occasion, and can be either funny or creepy depending on the situation. It's a handy choice to make for birthdays, contests or even for extracurricular activities! For those needing a good costume for trick or treat, or for a Halloween party, a Scarecrow costume can provide the eccentric look that makes such attires stand out.

For costume parties, it's also a handy choice because of its roots as a friendly fantasy character from the Wizard of Oz series. It's even useful for school recitals, where children are often called upon to act out classic stories such as the Frank L. Baum's literary masterpiece. A Scarecrow costume, especially one that's modeled on the classic movie version, will bring a touch of authenticity to any classic recital! Indeed, a Scarecrow costume not just a useful costume to have, but is also a fun and entertaining suit to wear for any celebration!

Check out the latest articles on Scarecrow Costume and Tin Man Costume today!

Check out the latest articles on Scarecrow Costume and Tin Man Costume today!

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Check out the latest articles on Scarecrow Costume and Tin Man Costume today!

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